Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • Customers are complaining
  • Staff is frustrated
  • There’s finger pointing and blaming between departments
  • We circumvent procedures to expedite work
  • Quality, service, and timeliness need improvement
  • Costs are too high

If you said “yes” then this program is for you.

Analyzing and Improving Operations can help you sort out the problems (people, systems, workflow, and information), find the root cause, and develop a course of action to eliminate the issue. The workshop not only focuses on the big-picture perspective of systems and organizational structure, but also will also delve into the specifics by analyzing workflow, information, and job issues.

Choose from a variety of improvement methodologies based on the type of problem and the organization’s goals and constraints. Often, organizations are trained in one problem-solving approach and then use this approach to every problem. In other words, “Now that we know how to use a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” In this workshop, you will be able to use the correct methodology for specific problems, including: lean manufacturing principles, basic six sigma techniques, business process reengineering, organizational restructuring, continuous improvement, workflow redesign, eight key problem classes, fast cycle time, and creating cooperation between departments. By the end of the seminar, you will know when and how to use each one.

As a part of this workshop, you’ll bring one or more problems to class to analyze and then create an improvement plan using the tools and methodologies presented.

Learn How To:

  • Benchmark your operational improvement efforts against the Malcolm Baldrige Award winners and take your organization to the next level
  • Focus efforts where you can make both high impact and immediate improvements
  • Evaluate and then partner with suppliers
  • Create breakthroughs visa vie your customers to help surpass the competition
  • Use Activity-Based Costing on processes to discover “true” profitability
  • Uncover and then calculate your quality costs
  • Design elegant operational workflows using powerful design principles
  • Use basic Six Sigma tools to improve quality
  • Create a fast cycle time organization using lean techniques
  • Overcome the eight major barriers to operational improvement
  • Boost retention of your workforce
  • Create higher levels of interdepartmental cooperation
  • Select the right measurement system that will build operational excellence
  • Solve the most difficult operational problems through eight distinct problem types
  • Get “buy-in” for your operational improvement effort
  • Understand the basics of organizational change and plan your change
  • Compare your operational improvement effort against “best practices”

Target audience

Operations directors and managers;

Finance directors and managers;

Plant managers;

Manufacturing engineers and production managers;

Quality assurance engineers and managers

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