Airline Transport Pilot ab-initio ATPL Course

Aeropole is now accepting applications for our groundbreaking Diamond Cadet™ ab initio Airline Transport Pilot Course (frozen ATPL) from highly motivated individuals with a passion for flying. The course price is 124 800 €* and includes all the training that you will need to apply for your dream job with an airline. The course fee is payable in monthly instalments.

The airline pilot’s job requires precision and knowledge, but no exceptional skill or physical fitness. You will only need normal eyesight (with or without glasses) and good general health — and most importantly a strong drive and motivation to aim for the skies! If you have the motivation to study hard and become the best of the best, you are the person we are looking for!

The Aeropole Diamond Cadet ab initio ATPL Course is a full training package with everything you need and is tailored to suit you as an individual learner. The training will be tailored to your availability, personal skills, knowledge and experience. Our professional pilot training is of premium quality with instruction given by experienced professional instructors on modern glass-cockpit Diamond aircraft.

Our professional flight instructors and state-of-the-art fleet ensure a superior training for the best aviators. From your very first training flight our course will prepares you for the demands of the modern glass cockpit environment. The duration ranges from 12 to 24 months depending on your prior qualifications and the targeted pace that will be agreed upon individually.

The all-inclusive pilot course price includes all training costs involved: flight lessons, instruction, study material, ground school, maps and charts and pilot accessories. We will also take care of all paperwork involved with your licence. Civil Aviation Authority test and examinations (medical, flight examinations and theiry examinations) are not included. Living, visa and travel costs are not included. Terms and conditions apply.

*The basic course price is based on ca. 230 hours of flight time from zero, i.e. without prior flying experience. The course price in your agreement will be determined by the training hours needed and will be lower if you already hold e.g. a PPL(A) licence.

How to apply

We accept students only through applications on this website. You can apply at any time. Courses start approximately four times a year. You will find details on the application process below. Apply to become a pilot using our web application form.

  • Step 1 Submission of the application web form
  • Step 2 Selection of interview candidates
  • Step 3 The invitations to the next phase sent
  • Step 4 Interviews and aptitude testing
  • Step 5 Psychological tests and medical examination
  • Step 6 Training Agreement signature


Course structure

Aeropole course structure

Standard study times in full-time study.

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Last updated January 10, 2019
This course is Campus based, Online & Campus Combined
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18 - 24 months
124,800 EUR
Enrolling clients must secure self-funding before commencing training
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