The Airline Dispatcher also known as Flight Dispatcher or flight operations officer is one of the best paid and exciting jobs in the aviation industry. Every airline requires aircraft dispatchers just as much as pilots for flight operations. With an FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate, the career opportunities open up worldwide!

Upon graduation from Avel Flight School and acquiring your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate, you will be ready to work in an airline, sharing command decisions with an airline captain.

Some of the responsibilities and job description of a Flight Dispatcher are:

  • Responsible for planning and monitoring the progress of a flight journey
  • Dispatcher is legally responsible for the safety of a flight along with the pilot in command
  • Has the authority to delay, divert or cancel a flight
  • Most commercial operations require both the flight dispatcher and pilot in command combined to authorize and release a flight
  • A flight dispatcher is required to demonstrate extensive knowledge of aviation comparable to the Captain of an aircraft holding an Airline Transport Pilot License, which is the highest pilot license achievable.

This excellent career can pay over 100,000 USD a year with the right qualification and experience.

Enrollment Prerequisite

  • Be at least 21 years to be eligible to take the Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge test and be able to complete the course.
  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language fluently.

Course Description

The FAA Aircraft dispatcher course contains the same syllabus and subjects covered in the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). One must keep in mind when pilots train they have over 2 year from the commencement of flight training to achieving an ATPL. Whereas, all this theory is compressed into a course with a minimum of 200 hours in a very short time. This course has a steep learning curve from start to finish and requires dedication and commitment for course completion. This course is not suitable for procrastinators.

Course Options

We offer three course options. All three course options require passing the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge Test and a Practical Exam with an FAA Designated Aircraft Dispatcher Examiner (DADE).

Graduation on this course requires students to pass the end of course evaluation and exceed FAA Practical Test Standards before taking a practical exam with a DADE.


4 Weeks Course: This course is ideal for students with no prior aviation experience. A minimum of 200 hours of this course is done in the class room. This is also the only option available for students using VA benefits such as the GI Bill.

FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge Test must be successfully completed no later than end of week 2 of ground school on this course.


Online and Class Room Course: This course is ideal for students with no prior aviation experience and for those who have time constrains in attending a full time course. Popular with international students, this course is divided into two parts. Of the total minimum 200 hours of this course, a minimum of 152 hours is Online (Part 1) and a minimum of 48 hours is in the Classroom (Part 2).

Please be advised the aircraft dispatcher course as mentioned above covers the same syllabus as an Airline Transport Pilot certificate and is very intensive. Therefore, we highly recommend students to opt for a 4 week class room course upon completion of the online portion of this course. A four week class room option offers oneself ample time to complete this course successfully.

Part 1 : Aircraft / Flight Dispatcher Online portion

Includes a minimum of 152 hours online. This is done at the convince of your own time. Upon completion of part one of the course you will be eligible to progress to part two.

The Online Ground School typically takes 3-4 months to complete. While some students may be able to complete the online portion in less than one month, this time vastly varies based on individual student aptitude, effort and time invested in doing the online portion. Maximum time available to access the online ground school for completion is 12 months. After you have completed the online ground school we will require a copy of your Graduation Certificates of your online course.

FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge Test must be successfully completed prior to commencement of Part 2.

Part 2 : Aircraft / Flight Dispatcher Class Room portion

Includes a minimum of 48 hours of class room ground school at our facility at DuPage Airport. Part 2 must be completed within 12 months of completing Part 1. While Part 2 can be completed in two weeks, we recommend a four week option for students to comfortably complete this course.

Upon successful completion of Part 2, you will receive your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate which is also an ICAO Flight Dispatch License (FDL).


2 Weeks Course: This course is only recommended for students with extensive aviation experience, who meet FAR Part 65.57 and / or FAR Part 65.61(d), or Airline employees who meet either of the above, or Any individual meeting the ADX and online course requirements.

FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge Test must be successfully completed prior to commencement of this two weeks course.


For your Job Interview Preparation: After passing the FAA practical exam and becoming an FAA Certified Aircraft Dispatcher, you are welcome to come back to our school and attend our course for FREE any time you need review of the subjects for interview preparation.

Option to complete on next batch: After completing your classroom ground school, in the unlikely event that you have not been able to pass the end of course evaluation, we will give you the opportunity to attend the last 2 weeks of the following batch of ground school for FREE.

This will offer you an additional chance to review and pass the end of course evaluation after which you can take your practical examination with a DADE. Any further ground school required beyond this will incur additional charges.

Program taught in:
  • English

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