Advanced Resourcing and Talent Management


Program Description

Key Information

  • Course Code: HR104
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Fee: £5075

Course outline

Human Resource Planning

  • Stages in traditional human resource planning
  • Forecasting future demand for human resources
  • Forecasting internal supply
  • Forecasting external supply

Job Analysis and Job Design

  • Managing vacancy scenarios
  • Job analysis
  • Competency frameworks
  • Job design


  • Internal and external recruitment
  • Advertising in the printed media
  • Online recruitment
  • Social media
  • Alternative recruitment methods

Selection: The Classic Trio

  • Application forms
  • Shortlisting
  • Interviews
  • Employment references

Advanced Methods of Employee Selection

  • Biodata
  • Ability testing
  • Personality testing
  • Assessment centers

The New Employee

  • Contracts of employment
  • Specific contractual terms
  • The psychological contract
  • Induction

Succession Planning

  • What is succession planning?
  • Traditional approaches
  • Contemporary approaches
  • Alumni

Measuring and Analysing Employee Turnover

  • Defining voluntary turnover
  • Does turnover matter?
  • Measuring turnover
  • Costing turnover
  • Benchmarking turnover

Improving Employee Retention

  • Reducing turnover
  • Employee retention and reward
  • Employee retention and developmental opportunities
  • Employee retention and effective line management

Resourcing and Talent Management Strategies

  • Taking a strategic approach
  • Aligning HR practices with business strategy
  • Competing in the labor market
  • Talent management strategies

Target audience

This talent management training is suitable for:

  • HR managers and executives
  • Those involved in the recruitment and selection function of their organizations.
  • HR business partners and advisors
  • HR professionals and practitioners
  • Senior officers and assistants employed in the HR function of their organization who wish to mobilize an effective workforce by assembling together teams of people with the necessary skills, attitudes, and experience to meet their objectives.
  • Those with the HR role of enabling their organization to meet its future demand for skills.
  • Those who wish to be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to undertake core resourcing and talent management activities to a high standard.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand:

  • How to undertake and evaluate long- and short-term talent planning and succession planning exercises with a view to building long-term organizational performance.
  • How to manage recruitment, selection and induction activities effectively, efficiently and professionally.
  • How to gather, analyze and use information on employee turnover as the basis for developing robust staff retention strategies.
  • The development and evaluation of resourcing and talent management strategies.
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