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Program Description

Graphic Design - Digital Media (1094) 2 years Ontario College Advanced Diploma Program Overview In a fast-paced digital world, Graphic Design is more in-demand in the workplace than ever before. Sault College`s new accelerated advanced diploma program in Graphic Design will allow you to complete a 3-year program in only 2-years, getting you trained and ready for employment faster than ever. The building blocks of great design come from creative minds, and fostering unique design solutions is key for creating work that stands above the crowd. This program helps students do so by focussing on the core courses in design and then expanding on those key elements to more advanced study. This accelerated program will give you the tools you need to create visually stunning work that incorporates solutions for the ever-growing digital age. Emphasis is placed on project-based learning, giving you a strong foundation in the exhilarating design process. Incorporating an array of both technology and media, you will receive your training alongside experienced and supportive professors and industry consultants who will help you develop a professional and industry relevant portfolio that will get you noticed. In this way, we are able to train talented designers who are ready for the work force in only two years. We can offer you:

    • A learning experience in small studio classes under the watchful eye of professional designers.
    • A culture that fosters creative ability and pushes to explore unique and creative ways to solve design problems.
    • Studios with hardware and software that is current and relevant in the design field.
    • A generous student to faculty ratio, and faculty who care about your learning experience.
    • Projects that are designed to be hands-on and a reflection of a body of work typical of today`s graphic design industry.
    • An automatic student membership to RGD (Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario) allowing you opportunities through Free admission to our local Design Algoma meetings, and webinars hosted by industry professionals.
    • A sparkling student satisfaction rate of 100% on Knowledge and Skills, Quality Learning Experience and Graduate Satisfaction as well as 100% satisfaction rate from employers. (KPI results)

Our Faculty care about your success.

    • Students are asked to rate the concern of people at the College for their success. Student rate our program at 90% compared to the system average of only 66%. (KPI results).

Program of StudySemester 1

      • CMM115 - 3 Communications I
      • GRD101 - 3 Drawing for Communication
      • GRD102 - 6 Design 1 (Design Principles)
      • GRD103 - 6 Typography 1
      • GRD104 - 3 Digital Production 1
      • GRD105 - 3 Professional Practices 1 (Design Research)

      Note: Semester 1 is 15 weeks.

Semester 2

      • GRD201 - 3 Digital Photo Manipulation
      • GRD202 - 6 Design 2 (Design Strategies)
      • GRD203 - 6 Typography 2
      • GRD204 - 3 Digital Production 2
      • GRD205 - 3 Design History
      • GEN100 - 3 Global Citizenship
      • GAS109 - 3 Music and Pop Culture

      Note: Semester 2 is 21 weeks.

Semester 3

      • GRD301 - 3 Web Design
      • GRD302 - 8 Design: Senior 1
      • GRD303 - 6 Typography for Digital Media 1
      • GRD304 - 3 Digital Production 3
      • GRD305 - 3 Motion Graphics
      • GAS103 - 3 What in the World is Going On?
      • Student Selected General Education *
      • GAS116 - 3 Your Two Cents
      • Student Selected General Education *
      • GEN110 - 3 Student Selected General Education
      • Student Selected General Education *
      • HDG122 - 3 Personal and Academic Success Strategies
      • Student Selected General Education *
      • SSC102 - 3 Introduction to Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
      • Student Selected General Education
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Now is your time to be a part of Ontario’s number one College as ranked by our students. Each year, the College attracts and motivates an increasing number of students by offering a hands-on, supporti ... Read More

Now is your time to be a part of Ontario’s number one College as ranked by our students. Each year, the College attracts and motivates an increasing number of students by offering a hands-on, supportive learning environment that prepares graduates for future success and the ability to make meaningful contributions to the provincial and global economy. Read less
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