Designed to develop the knowledge and skills of experienced bartenders to an exceptional level. Strictly not for beginners.

An in-depth and hands-on course designed to radically enhance the skills and knowledge of experienced bartenders.

Learn about molecular mixology, cocktail presentation, spirits in extensive detail, cocktail families, and much more.

Access our worldwide job platform, EBS MatchStaff, as an Advanced Bartending graduate.

Become a more knowledgeable, confident, and skillful bartender

Seminars from industry experts

Learn about a specific spirit in exceptional detail from an experienced industry expert. These experts will teach you about different styles of the spirit and the spirit’s history. You’ll then put your theoretical knowledge into practice and have a tasting session.

Learn the art of ice carving

Discover how to transform a block of ice into a beautiful masterpiece. You’ll learn how to make an ice diamond and an ice sphere by hand. You’ll then use a simple yet amazing piece of equipment to produce perfectly formed ice balls.

Craft wonderful products

Get hands-on with advanced garnishing and products. You’ll learn how to craft syrups, cordials, foams, bitters, and other incredible items.

Course Highlights

The course covers a variety of advanced methods and focuses on both the practical and theoretical sides of the profession. The course will teach you how to provide seamless customer service with personality, enhance your bartending knowledge, and upgrade your practical skills. It’s a fantastic next step for former EBS students and bartenders that want to learn desirable skills.

Course Content Overview

  • Mixologist vs the Modern Bartender – What is the Difference?
    Jerry Thomas, known as the ‘American Father of Mixology’, worked as a bartender in San Francisco in the 1860s. How much do you think mixology has progressed since then? You’ll learn about the history and progression of mixology and learn what it takes to become a mixologist. You’ll analyze the word ‘bartender’, what it has represented throughout history and what it means today.
  • Pre-Prohibition and Prohibition Eras
    American prohibition changed society’s position on alcohol; this is why it’s essential that you’re familiar with this era. Many drinks were invented in the lead up to prohibition. Some of these drinks have remained in circulation since the 1800s and are now classics. You’ll learn some of the original recipes and taste them. You’ll also learn about:
    • What people drank before, during, and after prohibition
    • Drinks that predate the cocktail such as the punch, cobbler, and sling
    • The history of cocktails, which year they were created, and who invented them
  • The Journey of the Bartender – from Past to Present
    Learn about the history of the bartender and how the craftsmen have been changing and developing the profession over the years. In addition, you’ll discover the importance of ingredients, techniques, and equipment in making quality cocktails.
  • Methods / Techniques and Equipment
    Find out what it takes to make a cocktail taste absolutely perfect. You’ll learn the different methods, techniques, and types of equipment required to make flawless drinks, along with the explanations. After this, you’ll know why James Bond asks for a ’martini shaken, not stirred’. You’ll learn:
    • Which method is most suitable for different drinks
    • Why some drinks are shaken, stirred or rolled
    • Equipment like jiggers, shakers, strainers
    • Equipment used throughout bartending history such as a ‘Lewis Bag’, and old measurements like wine glasses and tablespoons
    • How to shake a drink, types of shakers, and why they affect the cocktails that we drink
    • How to stir a drink properly
    • Different types of bar spoons
    • Different mixing techniques
  • Cocktail Categories, Families and Themes
    To fully understand and appreciate a drink you must taste it. Learn about the history of these drinks and then get your taste buds tingling as you try cocktails from different families. You will learn:
    • Understand the history of these drinks, when they were invented, recipes, typical ingredients, and equipment used to make them
    • Use modern techniques and styles to create signature cocktails from Johannes Kinch and Marian Beke
    • Taste around 20 drinks, from classic favorites to modern-day marvels
  • Hands-On Training
    Now you can put your homemade knowledge into practice by making some of these exciting ingredients from scratch. During this training you’ll learn:
    • Create your own products such as purées, foams, syrups, and cordials
    • Understand the quality of a cocktail
    • Learn about the importance of a cocktail’s appearance
  • Basic Molecular Mixology
    You’ll learn the basics of molecular mixology. You will also learn how to smoke a cocktail, make caviar, craft different variations of foam, the process of fat-washing and clarification.
  • Ice
    You’ll study ice as a vital ingredient in a drink. You’ll learn:
    • How to use ice to change the dynamics of a drink
    • Why certain types and shapes of ice are important
    • How to shape different pieces of ice using a knife or an ice pick
    • The purpose of the ice
  • Seminars from Industry Experts
    Once or twice a week, you’ll take part in seminars given by industry experts and discuss particular spirits in detail such as cognac, gin, rum, and tequila. Each seminar will include a look at the history of the spirit and a creative session in which you’ll make some classic drinks with the spirit of the day, and finally a tasting session.
  • Bar Training
    This masterclass you’ll learn how to set up a fully-functioning bar and the order in which you should make cocktails so that they’re of the highest quality. You’ll find out why cocktail presentation is vital to their popularity.
  • Mystery Box
    Your skills will be put to the test as you’ll be given a box full of ingredients and will have to conjure up a well-balanced cocktail. The Mystery Box is an enjoyable challenge for everyone, it requires you to think on your feet and use all of your cocktail knowledge.

Why Is This Course for You?

  • Get 50-hours of instructor-led training
  • Learn how to carve ice, smoke cocktails, and use a vacuum pot
  • Graduate and access EBS MatchStaff
  • Learn from industry experts and brand ambassadors
  • Find out how to double shake, roll, and double stir
  • Visit a local distillery (depends on availability)
  • Study various cocktail families
  • Receive an attendance certificate
  • Create your own foams, syrups, and cordials
  • Enjoy hassle-free accommodation options
  • Craft your own classic cocktails
  • Get a welcome drink and a graduation dinner


New York

  • Language: English
  • Dates:
    • 25 March - 05 April
    • 03 June - 14 June
    • 12 August - 23 August
  • Tuition:
    • Course & Accommodation: £1,410.00
    • Course only: £1,100.00


  • Language: French
  • Dates:
    • 05 August - 16 August
  • Tuition:
    • Course & Accommodation: £1,410.00
    • Course only: £1,100.00


  • Language: Spanish, English
  • Dates:
    • 15 April - 26 April
    • 08 July - 19 July
    • 16 September - 27 September
  • Tuition:
    • Course & Accommodation: £1,410.00
    • Course only: £1,100.00


  • Language: Spanish, English
  • Dates:
    • 15 April - 26 April
    • 08 July - 19 July
    • 16 September - 27 September
  • Tuition:
    • Course & Accommodation: £1,410.00
    • Course only: £1,100.00
Program taught in:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

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Last updated June 27, 2019
This course is Campus based
Start Date
10 days
1,100 GBP
Course only: £1,100.00; Course & Accommodation: £1,410.00

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