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Program Description

Wake Up To Beauty. A New Concept of Interior and Furniture Design School

The characteristic of these courses is that Academic theory is combined with practice on a real jobs site

This part of our design school in Florence brings the students into direct contact with the reality of interior design. The students will participate in a real project within our firm. In fact, we start with the clients' requests and we try to understand what they really want and we attempt to discover their true identity. The reason for this is that we need to create a universe in a given space ( residential or store or exhibition). In order to fully understand the fragmented desires and needs ( both ours and the client's), we must dedicate time to talk about them, in the office and on site.

When we feel that we have gained an intimate knowledge of the clients and the spirit of the place ( Genius Loci) through the filter of our personality we can begin to elaborate the three factors of composition:

a) Construction; b) Function; c) Beauty, which must be united in the final project.

Sketching and Technical Drawing

An Architect or Designer is, first of all, a draughtsman and we will help you to improve your skills with sketching sessions in different places such as Piazza Santa Croce, Forte Belvedere, Cantine Antinori, Cappella Pazzi, Santo Spirito Church, Piazza Santissima Annunziata, Palazzo Strozzi and other sites in different cities. In some cases, we will work on a project on these famous sites after an introduction to its history and its spirit. In addition, we will work on technical drawings in our studio.

History Art and History of Design

Whoever studies abroad in Italy will be introduced to the spirit of the art of the Florentine Renaissance and the spread of its philosophy during the following centuries, especially in the spatial and volumetric concepts.

We will see all this during our visits to Florence and other Italian cities.

The history of design course looks at the development of furniture and interior design over the centuries with special regard for the last sixty years and most particularly at the work of famous designers like Philippe Starck, Mario Bellini, Achille Castiglioni, Enzo Mari, Alvar Aalto, Jean Nuovel, Giugiaro etc.

It will be interesting during the course to explore through research and reading how furniture and interior design unite with the dynamics of artistic expression.

Technologies on Construction and Renovation Site

Control of costs is fundamental because we must operate within the framework of our client's budget. The knowledge of techniques and new technologies of design ensure our control over our suppliers and their costs on the renovation site or in the factory and it is part of this subject.

Thanks to green design and sustainable technology we can obtain more effective use of economic resources while safeguarding the environment.

For the above, the documents we use are the Technical specification, Bill of Quantities, and the Contracts with clients and suppliers.

IT Design Programs

We teach our students how to use the basic computer programs (Autocad and Sketchup or others) and in successive years we use the more complex programs for the virtual control and verification of our work by means of 2d drawings and 3d models. There is a constant dialog between the physical drawing and computer drawings to allow for a complete expression of the designer's vision.

We go from the feasibility study to the concept design and technical design and finally to detail drawings.

Career Opportunities

After concluding the course, students will receive a Dual Diploma with a Certificate of professional practice.

Students will gain experience in the field of Interior design and architecture by studying, practicing the theory, concept Made in Italy and working directly inside an international Architecture and Interior Design Studio.

The students will obtain the title Interior Designer and can proceed with their professional career in the field of Interior Design as a freelancer or associate inside Interior Design and Architecture firms or employees in creative industries such as Exhibition design, Event design, Decoration, Product Design, Furniture Design, 3D Specialization, Rendering Specialization, Project illustration, Visual Merchandising.

Last updated Aug 2020

About the School

The school's Unique concept derives from the combination of academic lectures in the courses and work on authentic projects with professionals and suppliers - site inspections and on-site experience - ... Read More

The school's Unique concept derives from the combination of academic lectures in the courses and work on authentic projects with professionals and suppliers - site inspections and on-site experience - together with visits to workshops, laboratories, factories, and stores. The courses take into account the results of the most important international academic research with testimony from world-famous designers and architects. Read less