At AISE students will:

  • Be instructed by teachers who are masters of both Spanish and English
  • Become qualified to work in a multilingual career
  • Have access to state of the art resources
  • Thrive and work with a friendly and caring staff who will motivate them to achieve their goals in Spanish while helping them transition to life in their home away from home
  • Be offered the opportunity to do an internship, to volunteer, and other outreach activities such as field studies for specific career paths
  • Take courses in the following subjects – Environmental Sustainability, Forestry, Oceanography, Astronomy, Health Sciences, Modern and Ancient History, Music and Drama, Archeology and Art History, Sculpture and Pottery, among others
  • Have Housing accommodations at Tenerife College which are beautifully decorated bedrooms that come with comfortable and supportive mattresses and stunning ocean-mountain views
  • 4 well-balanced fresh organic meals a day
  • Access to the campus recreation & wellness centre

What’s better than learning Spanish near the beach?

AISE is an excellent opportunity to quickly learn Spanish, but it also does this in the colourful and fascinating Tenerife, a Spanish island located just off the coasts of Spain and Morocco. Tenerife is a place that few other locales can rival in exoticism and stunning nature. Step out of the classroom and enjoy:

  • Mt. Teide, one of the world’s largest volcanoes
  • Both black-pebble and yellow-sand beaches
  • “The island of eternal spring”; the average daily temperature is a consistent 75 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Sea Turtles, Dolphins, and Whales can be found year-round
  • The largest observatory in Europe
  • A World Heritage Quaternary Cloud Forest
  • Water Sports, Golf, Tennis, Squash, and Cycling are popular throughout the Island

And while Tenerife is a natural wonder, it also has a vibrant culture and atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Lots of students visit Europe for a semester to see the familiar sights many others have experienced, but students who choose Tenerife will experience a journey unlike any other which includes:

  • A historical melting pot of Spanish, African, and South American cultures
  • Renowned wine and cheese that would make France sweat in envy
  • A lifestyle which is both cosmopolitan and laid-back
  • Study tours of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, along with the option of weekend getaways to other countries
  • A safe place to study and grow; low crime rates and easy-to-use public transit allow students to roam the island without fear

Who Will Be Teaching You

Ana Luisa Estay, the founder of the Active Interschool Spain Experience, is a pioneer in Spanish Language immersion programs for college students.

As an innovative creator of educational concepts, and with over 40 years of experience teaching Spanish, English, French, and German, Ana has learned that to most thoroughly and efficiently learn Spanish, it is best to craft auditory experiences personally tailored to each student to unlock their full potential.

Ana loves helping students expand their language capabilities, especially when it's instant and painless, which is why she has developed a program that equips students with the tools to rapidly master Spanish by removing language learning barriers and halving the time needed to learn Spanish as compared to other methods. Ana emphasizes:

  • Learning with teams as well as self-paced learning
  • Transforming knowledge into skills by fostering bilingual thinking and speech velocity
  • Field studies, internships, and volunteer programs so students can gain practical knowledge for their careers while mastering Spanish
  • Auditory learning versus grammar; Ana advocates for spending more time speaking and listening to Spanish instead of staring at a textbook.

Ready to Start Your First Great Adventure?

AISE is a 12-week program intended for students currently enrolled in college.

  • Summer Program: June 3rd – August 26th
  • Fall Program: August 26th – November 18th

To apply, please fill out the attached form and either e-mail it or fax it to:

All-Inclusive Fee Interschool Spain

The fee includes:

  • Air Tickets and transfer from/to airport Transport in Spain
  • 84 days accommodation in a shared room, laundry facilities
  • 4 meals per day Monday to Sunday
  • 220 Hrs. Spanish Language Tuition
  • 220 Hrs. Field Studies, Outreach Activities
  • Personalized Tutor
  • Educational materials
  • Computers, Language Lab, Internet, WiFi
  • Activities, events, field trips, excursions
  • Sports facilities, Soccer, Gym, yoga, flamenco, salsa
  • Application Fee
Program taught in:
  • Spanish
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