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Program Description

Graphic designers give form to the world of information. In magazines, newspapers, advertising, books, packaging, exhibitions, corporate graphics, signage, film and video, graphic designers communicate it all. They are the caretakers of information. Students in graphic design discover a world that has been revolutionized by the computer. Work that until recently had been done by hand is now conceived and executed digitally. New occupations - web page designer, game designer, multimedia designer, and more - emerge every year.

This program prepares students, with high tech tools and a hands-on environment, to enter this digital workplace. Graduates use technology to inform, and they understand the responsibilities of that indispensable role in business, industry, and society. Tools used in the program are required, costing approximately $100. See Certificate Programs section for related certificate instruction. One High School Mathematics Course or its equivalent is required.

Goals & Outcomes

Goal 1 The Program prepares the student to exhibit understanding of conceptual and technological design formats and processes.

  • Students accomplish multitasking while working in a graphic design setting.
  • Students gain knowledge in advanced communication techniques through group critiques among a diverse peer audience.
  • Students demonstrate a command of the design process from research and analysis through to appropriate levels of presentation of the final product.
  • Students demonstrate an understanding of a visual problem-solving process.
  • Students effectively utilize the elements of visual language including composition, visual priorities, image, and type.
  • Students develop appropriate and innovative solutions, working within the dynamics of the target market, with consideration for the project restrictions.
  • Students check all fine detail to ensure the professional quality of graphic design projects/products.

Goal 2 To develop students’ understanding of industry professional practice standards and creative standards.

  • Students utilize acquired skills necessary to demonstrate technical proficiency in craftsmanship, tool and material use through the development of a professional-level portfolio.
  • Students exhibit conceptual components through the organization and construction of sketch development folders included in a professional-level portfolio.
  • Students successfully present/discuss professional portfolio and resume to the instructor and their peers.
  • Students apply knowledge of design principles in the evaluation of one's own work and other designers' development of design solutions.
  • Students apply a working knowledge of the characteristics of color systems for both print and electronic media.
  • Students apply typographic skills and knowledge to the creation of original designs through application of typographic skills and abilities including selection, readability, legibility, and spacing.
  • Students apply a basic knowledge of compositional and navigational principles in executing web design work.
  • Students plan, organize, and deliver effective oral presentations.
  • Students apply knowledge of new media-at-large, IT, and web/online digital communications.
  • Students use time and resource management skills to achieve project goals.

Goal 3 Program provides advanced knowledge of Graphic Design through diverse historical and global perspectives.

  • Students exemplify a concentration in historical graphic design study providing them with global resources for inspirational use.
  • Students gather and organize information necessary to understand historical and contemporary design theory.

Goal 4 To provide opportunities for students to incorporate traditional and advanced research techniques needed to address global communication needs.

  • Students correctly utilize and cite both traditional and electronic (internet) sources for research purposes.
  • Students research, use, and manipulate existing images within acceptable ethical and legal guidelines under appropriate supervision and direction.

Goal 5 To provide training that encourages students to take a responsible role in business, industry and society.

  • Students will become members of the MVCC AIGA student chapter.
  • Students will research and present topics on contemporary issues in the graphic design profession.
  • Students will attend presentations by visiting artists, designers and professional studios/firms and exhibitions, pending funding.
  • Students will develop professional contacts with opportunities for graphic design internships.

Goal 6 To prepare graduates to transfer to a four-year institution with full junior status or they are employed in the graphic design industry within 2 years.

  • Graduates transfer to a four-year institution.
  • Graduates are employed in the graphic design industry within 2 years.

Goal 7 To prepare students to demonstrate information literacy.

  • Students will use traditional and contemporary information technology.
  • Students will identify, access, and appropriately use authoritative sources of information.

First Semester

  • ED100 College Seminar 1.0
  • EN101 English 1: Composition 3.0
  • FA100 Creativity in Art 3.0
  • FA101 General Drawing 3.0
  • FA105 Foundation Design 3.0
  • GD121 Digital Typography 3.0
  • PEXXX Physical Education Elective 0.5

Second Semester

  • FA103 Figure Drawing 1 3.0
  • FA106 Color Theory 3.0
  • GC245 History of Graphic Design 3.0
  • GD145 Digital Applications 1 3.0
  • PT127 Creative Tech in Photography 3.0
  • PEXXX Physical Education Elective 0.5

Third Semester

  • EN102 English 2:Idea&Values Lit 3.0
  • GD146 Digital Applications 2 3.0
  • GD221 Typography 1 3.0
  • MA108 Concepts in Mathematics 3.0
  • GE Humanities Elective 3.0
  • PEXXX Physical Education Elective 0.5

Fourth Semester

  • CG214 Motion Graphics 3.0
  • GD218 Graphic Design Seminar 3.0
  • GD222 Typography 2 3.0
  • Core GE Natural Science 4.0
  • Core GE Social Science 3.0
  • PEXXX Physical Education Elective 0.5
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