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Program Description

By the end of the A2 course, learners will be able to understand and speak sentences related to basic personal and family information as well as everyday tasks, such as simple information about travel and directions as well as:

Understand sentences and common expressions related to basic personal and family information, shopping, where you live, jobs, your lifestyle, etc.

Ask and answer questions in a conversation on a topic you know about.

Learn to describe your personal background.

Learn to speak in the present tense, describing where you are at the moment and asking for things that you need.

Ask about everyday items in a shop and how to make purchases.

Understand information about travel such as asking for and giving directions.

Practise talking about jobs.

Learn and use words and phrases for free time activities and weekend activities.

Learn and use food and drink vocabulary in a café.

Learn to describe places and holidays.

Learn words to talk about people’s appearance, character and personality.

Learn phrases for talking about education and studying.

Learn vocabulary for asking for and giving directions.

At the end of the Course you will be ready to prepare for the Cambridge English: Key (KET).

In course instructions are provided in Spanish, Portuguese, English and Arabic.

Last updated February 2018

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