A-levels in Modern History 2021

A-levels are also known as advanced levels. These are learning modules that provide students with in-depth knowledge of academic subjects. Generally, these courses are completed over a two-year period.

What are A-levels in modern history? These courses generally explore the key historical events that have taken place following ancient and medieval history. This era of history could start at the beginning of the 16th century. This field of study is usually divided into different periods, such as early modern, late modern and contemporary. Coursework may cover topics such as the European Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, French Revolution and American Revolution. In some instances, globalization, urbanization, industrialization and individualism are included in the curriculum. Typically, program participants are expected to debate ideas, concepts and historical issues.     

Students taking A-levels in modern history tend to have strong communication and analytical skills, which are traits many employers desire in an employee. Additionally, they can learn how to organize, which can benefit them in several areas of life.

Schools charge different prices for A-levels. The number of courses a scholar takes can factor into the total cost. Interested individuals are advised to contact universities with questions regarding fees.            

A-levels in modern history often equip individuals with the qualifications and skills needed for various occupations. There are career paths directly related to this academic study such as museum work, library work, historic preservation and teaching. Individuals working as historians are often hired by local and state governments. Graduates with a modern history education can also get hired for positions that aren’t specifically related to this field of study. These jobs include journalist, editor, public relations staffer, intelligence agent, Foreign Service officer and legal assistant.        

Schools around the world offer online opportunities for students who want to take A-levels in modern history. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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University of Cambridge Trinity College
Aug 2021

The Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic (ASNC) Tripos is concerned with the history, languages, and literature of the different peoples of the British Isles between the departure ...

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