A-levels in English Studies in Cambridge United Kingdom

Achieving high scores on A-levels is important for UK students who wish to enter university. Institutions of higher learning use the results of these exams to decide if a student is prepared to study at their program.  

Students with an affinity for language may find English studies to be a fascinating program. Courses usually include topics such as literature, grammar, linguistics and creative writing. Students who complete an English studies program are often prepared for careers or graduate studies in many different areas.

Cambridge, university town with around 130 thousand students, is proud to be home to University of Cambridge, founded in early 13th century and constantly ranked as one of top 5 universities in the world. There is also Anglia Ruskin University.

Top A-level in English Studies in Cambridge in United Kingdom

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English Language A LEVEL

National Extension College
Aug 2021

Look at the English language with fresh eyes, as you deepen your linguistic analysis skills and explore language use in a variety of situations and contexts in our A level Eng ...

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University of Cambridge Trinity College
Aug 2021

The study of English at Trinity enables students to explore the most far-reaching of questions about what it means to be human, exist in the world, and share this world with o ...

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