A-levels in Classical Studies in Cambridge United Kingdom

Students who wish to pursue an advanced education at a British university are often required to take A-levels. These are tests that assess a student’s proficiency and probability of finding success in a specific field.

A classical studies program may teach about ancient civilizations and societies such as Greece, Rome, and the inhabitants of the ancient Mediterranean. Course topics might include everything from literature to technology from thousands of years ago.

Cambridge, university town with around 130 thousand students, is proud to be home to University of Cambridge, founded in early 13th century and constantly ranked as one of top 5 universities in the world. There is also Anglia Ruskin University.

Top A-level in Classical Studies in Cambridge in United Kingdom

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University of Cambridge Jesus College
Aug 2021
3&nbsp;-&nbsp;4 years

Classics is the degree that allows you to study the languages and cultures of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. It brings together the study of language, linguistics, literature, ...

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