A-levels are the entry qualification for a degree programme or professional employment.

Students will enter an A-level course aged 16 (year 12) and remain enrolled for 2 years.

King Edward VI is one of the highest achieving sixth form colleges in the UK.

We are a specialist A level college focussing on 16-18-year-olds. Most of our students go on to university. We offer high performing academic students an excellent experience and are the regional hub for the University of Cambridge, providing HE+ which is designed to stretch students academically.

Most Popular subjects at our College:


Biology is described as the ‘science of life’ and biologists work in many different and diverse fields, including cell biology, medicine, food production and ecology. The course is divided into 6 modules which cover a wide range of topics including cell biology, biochemistry, DNA structure, function and cell division, gas exchange in animals and transport in plants and animals, disease and the immune response, biodiversity and classification of plants and animals and look at the biochemistry of photosynthesis and respiration and research into genetic inheritance, control of gene expression, gene technology, cloning and biotechnology and ecology.


Psychology is the theoretical study of the human mind and behaviour and is helping improve our understanding a wide range of issues. The course develops your communication, data analysis and information technology skills. During the first year you will conduct a number of practical investigations, and in the second year, you will further develop your theoretical and research knowledge through applications such as criminal and clinical psychology.


Maths is an intellectually stimulating course and is a great opportunity to enhance your problem solving and logical thinking skills. The course will develop your studies of pure mathematics allowing you to develop your skills in algebra and trigonometry as well as introduce new topics such as calculus. You will also study the application of statistical and probability models to allow for analysis in real-world contexts.

However, you can select to study a combination of subjects from the list below:

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