8 1/2 month program

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Program Description

8 1/2 month program

European Film College EFC

8 1/2 month program

Over the course of the 34-week program, you will take part in various film projects, working in crews with other students in a process that is very similar to how the film industry works. You will perform different roles from one project to the next, with opportunities to work as cinematographer, screenwriter, director, editor, etc.

We will present the framework and general theme of most projects – it could be a music video, a genre piece or a documentary. Apart from this, you can also take advantage of the schools facilities and make your own films, under the guidance of your teachers and in collaboration with other students.

Documentation You Can Use

The production periods are when you’ll truly be challenged, , thrilled and entertained – when you’ll learn the most and feel the most, so our alumni tell us. We see exceptional improvement in quality from a student’s first film to his or her last film. The learning curve is no doubt steeper than at other art or film schools, because you work and learn every day from morning to night. Later on, many of our students submit their films to festivals and use their films or credits for their applications to film or art school.

The 8 1/2 month program is the only film program at European Film College with 115 students of approximately 25 different nationalities.

Elements in the program

The 8 1/2 months program consists of the following:

  • 1 intro week
  • 1 week of "Five Days Five Stories"
  • 5 courses of your own choice and 1 mandatory course
  • Practical course exercises (2 minute films) after each basic course period
  • Several major school projects (including Final Project)
  • 8 1/2 minute projects
  • Student trip to a film festival in Europe
  • Clubs and societies
  • Screenings
  • Common lectures with guest teachers and filmmakers from all over the world
  • and all the other stuff in between...

Intense teaching

In each course period the classes consist of maximum 15 students, so you will have intense and thorough teaching. You will get approximately 25 hours of class-teaching every week during course periods, and each of the basic course periods ends with a course exercise.

Before each course period you will be asked to make a prioritized wish list of courses you would like to attend – and according to logistics and needs the faculty will try to meet your wishes.

Synergy between courses

The courses are integrated, which means you will meet various disciplines in the individual course. An example could be that students in directing class make exercises with students in cinematography class – and later in the same course period they hook up with the students doing production management class.

Handling the equipment

In order to get permission to use camera and editing equipment, you are required to take a course in camera and editing, so we know that you know how to handle our very expensive equipment.

Rights and Copyrights

The subject of rights and copyrights will be covered to secure that students know about this important matter and to ensure that their EFC-productions can be used for film school applications and film festivals.

Lectures, screenings and more

The courses will be combined with screenings and common lectures to fulfill the need for both practical and theoretical learning. The common lectures are often taught by guest teachers and filmmakers from all over the world.

Every Friday we have Project Class and Production Class where we develop, discuss and plan upcoming projects and exercises, and where you receive important information about events, screenings and guest teachers.

Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
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Start date
Aug. 2017
34 weeks
Full time
Start date Aug. 2017
Denmark Ebeltoft
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Duration 34 weeks
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