The integrated preparatory 3iL is designed for those wishing to combine the advantages of a preparatory course while realizing immediate immersion in the field of IT (development, networks, systems). It differs from other preparatory programs by the discovery of the computer from the 1st half with the implementation of specific projects and an opening on the individual development of the future engineer.

The prep 3iL is:

1 classical section (40 places) / 1 International section (30 places)

4 semesters 120 ECTS credits

Validating a License 2 in Engineering Sciences / Computer mention

3 main areas of education: Science, Computer Science and Humanities

A scientific program of 850 hours

  • Mathematics
  • Electronic
  • Optical
  • electricity
  • Mechanical

A computer program of 520 hours

  • Logic / Algorithms
  • Computer Architecture
  • Operating systems
  • SQL / Analysis and design of information systems
  • Structure Data / Database
  • Programming in C / C ++ / WEB / Java
  • networks
  • Unix
  • IT projects

Training open to the management and the business world (300 hours)

  • Correspondence / Oral - Journalism
  • Marketing / Management
  • Accounting
  • English
  • cultural, humanitarian and sports

IT internship 6 months

PREPA THE INTEGRATED 3iL INTERNATIONAL OPTION It incorporates all the classic preparatory curriculum but offers, in addition, a course suited to those who want to open their training and future career abroad.

A complementary program of openness to the world is then followed:

  • Strengthening English
  • Introduction to Chinese
  • Preparation and passage of the TOEIC (B2)
  • international / intercultural projects Culture Module
  • A semester of international studies at the end of the course

The originality of the curriculum is its opening two new perspectives at the end of this cycle:

  • Validating a License dual degree in Computer 3
  • immediate international mobility engineer cycle entry

Start Date: September 2017

Price: 3500 € / year

Program taught in:
  • French
This course is Campus based
Start Date
2 years
3,500 EUR
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