Course "Marketing and Finance Management"


Program Description

In modern business conditions, marketing comes to the fore - its financial well-being depends on the effectiveness of the company's marketing activity. At the same time, one of the foundations of an effective marketing process is the ability to predict financial risks, build strategies based on signals from the external environment, taking into account the specifics of your organization. Training on this program will allow you to master the skills of marketing planning, interacting with consumers. In addition, you will learn how to correctly interpret financial information, assess the risks of actions taken and make decisions more confidently taking into account all environmental factors, providing professional financial and marketing support for your activities, which is a guarantee of success and career growth.

Who is this program for?

  • line managers;
  • middle managers;
  • senior students of non-economic specialties;
  • experts in the technical field;
  • commercial directors;
  • marketing managers;

Having a different level of basic training from secondary specialized education to higher education.

Main tasks

mastering the program is to teach you:

  • understand the importance of financial and marketing aspects in the activities of the organization and their impact on the work of the manager;
  • rational approach to solving problems that contribute to improving the competitiveness of the enterprise;
  • make decisions in working situations, taking into account the available financial information;
  • make decisions in working situations, based on the results of marketing research;
  • analyze the financial capabilities of the organization for development and effective activities.

Expected results

You will study marketing issues that will help you in working with consumers, in understanding and meeting their needs, and also learn how to use and interpret financial information for making effective management decisions.

Learning Technology:

The training is conducted without interruption from the main work on the open distance learning system with support (the unique technology of “blended learning” - English. Blended learning), which includes the following types of educational activities of the student:

  • Tutorials - face-to-face meetings of your study group under the guidance of a tutor. On them you will practice the application of the studied material in practice, exchange experience. For the organization of effective work on tutorials, special case studies are used, but most of the work is based on the real managerial problems of the students themselves.
  • Independent work - the study of teaching materials in accordance with the course plan in order to analyze your work situation and make suggestions for improving it.
  • Continuous work in the Internet conference - for a deeper understanding of the content of the program for each group of students opens its own Internet conference, where each of their listeners has the opportunity to ask a tutor and discuss the material with their classmates.
  • Assignments by blocks - you will be asked to complete a series of small assignments, the main purpose of which is to test the models and concepts studied in practice in relation to your daily work in the organization.
  • Written works - You have to complete two final written works.

Program structure:

The program consists of two courses: “ Marketing Management” and “ Financial Management”.

  • Duration of study: 6 months.
  • Form of study: Part-time
  • Start of training: Start of training on the 1st day of each month. The deadline for accepting documents 2 weeks before the start of training.
  • Documents of completion: Certificate of professional development of the International Institute of Management LINK
  • Tuition: 94,000 rubles
Last updated Mar 2020

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