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At Northwest Suburban College we are committed to providing our students with the opportunity to learn in affordable and accelerated programs. For example, an Associate of Bachelor’s in Science may take two years in a traditional program, whereas at NWSC you can complete your Associate’s degree in four trimesters (just over one year and three months). That’s nearly twice as fast as in a traditional program!

If you are looking for group focused class settings with more instructor attention than other schools can afford to offer, NWSC could be right for you. NWSC currently offers access to a state-of-the-art chemistry lab where innovation and leadership in the sciences and medicine is encouraged. We also have three computer labs, a growing library, and a comfortable lounge where students gather to study and socialize. Everyday we celebrate a unique variety of creeds and cultures that are represented in our diverse body and workforce. Since NWSC is rapidly expanding its programs, now is the time to get on board and join us in forging your career: the future of medicine. You can start now by filling out the application and calling or emailing our friendly admissions staff. We hope to see you soon at NWSC!


At Northwest Suburban College, our mission is to provide high quality, accelerated, and affordable education in professional and paraprofessional fields that will lead to scholarly pursuit and gainful employment opportunities.

Our objectives are to:

Offer academic excellence through structured curricula, extensive guidance, and small size classes.

Offer curricula-intensive preparation for entry-level positions in various fields and the groundwork for success in an ever-changing work world.

Develop programs that enhance academic skills essential for employment and life-long learning.

Provide career guidance to produce realistic goals and aid in understanding current job markets.

Foster externships with clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities to develop training of our students and employment opportunities for our graduates.

Make available a variety of support services necessary to the college experience.

Core Values

NWSC offers a wide range of programs to a diverse group of students who work with highlyMrsG2 motivated, experienced, and dedicated faculty. At NWSC, we promote and emphasize these core values:

Provide lifelong learning opportunities that foster student success.

Offer excellence in education through the employment of highly qualified faculty and innovative approaches in teaching and learning.

Appreciate ethnic diversity at various levels, including faculty, staff, and students.

Collaborate with citizen groups in the community to enrich professional partnerships.

Encourage students to explore and challenge new ideas in ethical issues and appropriateness.

Enhance communication and leadership skills.

NWSC is history in the making.

During his time as a renowned professor and researcher in academia, Dr. Mohammed T. AliNiazee recognized the increasing tuition rates, increasing student loans and debts, and increasing time periods required for acquiring a college degree. Confronting this imbalance, NWSC is here to make a difference by offering more student guidance, smaller classes, and three full terms per year (rather than two). A culmination of his longtime dream of establishing a world class center of education founded on the principles of service, compassion, and quality, Professor AliNiazee took early retirement after nearly 40 years of a successful career in academia to establish NWSC. Dr. AliNiazee and the NWSC team are dedicated to building a private, non-profit school of higher education that provides affordable and quality education initially dedicated to science and medicine, which ultimately will expand to other areas, as a broad university.

A cultural hub with numerous advanced centers for healthcare and medicine, Chicago was selected as thechicago panoramic city to establish NWSC. In 2008, President AliNiazee acquired the property in Rolling Meadows, IL that is now NWSC. After establishing the Corporate Board and the Board of Regents, M.A.Q. Khan (late), a retired professor of biology for the University of Illinois at Chicago joined NWSC as the Chairman of the Board of Regents, and was appointed as the college’s Vice President. Dr. Khan was instrumental in this formative period at NWSC. Additional faculty and staff were hired by Dr. AliNiazee as the school started to grow.

President AliNiazee along with members of the NWSC faculty and staff are inspired by the contributions of philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, physicians, and the great thinkers of the early Golden Age of science and innovation. During this period (750-1258 C.E.) the Arab-Islamic world underwent rapid andillustration-of-cancer-cell remarkable development owing to a host of intellectuals including Al-Farabi, Ibn Sina (Avicenna), and Ibn Rushd (Averroes). In addition to numerous and substantial intellectual contributions, this large group of influential scholars played a crucial role in preserving and transmitting Ancient Greek thought to Europe that ultimately assisted in motivating the period in history known as the Renaissance. They are also moved by the great contributions of the early ivy league schools such as Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. They have one thing in common with NWSC: they all originated with a handful of students and progressed to great centers of education over time.

Since its founding in 2008, NWSC has made great progress and continues to diligently work toward providing the very best educational environment. Currently, NWSC is an accredited institution offeringStudent (Writing with Gloves)_Front Page_NWSC accelerated undergraduate and healthcare certification programs. Since NWSC’s first two students in 2009, nearly 500 students have graduated over the past six years. Recent highlights of NWSC’s journey include attaining Title IV funding approval in May 2016 and initial institutional accreditation by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) in August 2014. If the past performance is any indicator, NWSC has an excellent chance of future growth.

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Associate of Science

Associate of Science in Biology

Campus Full time September 2017 USA Rolling Meadows

The courses taken for an Associate of Science in Biology provide the basic foundation in the study of biology. [+]

The courses taken for an Associate of Science in Biology provide the basic foundation in the study of biology. Students pursuing the Associate of Science in Biology will complete the required 64 credit hours in both general education and core courses, which focus on natural and biological sciences. The Associate of Science program may be completed within four trimesters, or one year and four months, and upon successful completion of the program requirements, students are awarded an Associate of Science in Biology. Students following this track may receive this degree as their terminal degree and seek employment after graduation or students may pursue NWSC’s Pre-Medicine Concentration. The Pre-Medicine Concentration requires an additional 26 credits, whereby students will accumulate 90 credit hours. This additional study will prepare students for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and qualify students for admission to NWSC’s affiliated medical school programs. Students interested in pursuing continuing education at unaffiliated institutions will be prepared for medical school exams through the program’s emphasis on key concepts, including biology & biochemistry, social & behavioral sciences, and critical analysis. To learn more about our innovative programs and affiliated institutions, contact an Admissions Representative. Admissions: Pre-Medicine Concentration: Students will be evaluated for MD Program acceptance upon completion of 50 undergraduate credit hours. Students who have maintained the minimum cumulative GPA in NWSC’s undergraduate program will qualify for recommendation to the cooperative graduate program. Requirements for Graduation: Complete at least 64 credit hours. Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0/4.0. [-]

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