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Butte College serves 13,000 students each semester and is a regionally accredited community college located just 75 miles north of Sacramento, nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills. The Main Campus is a designated wildlife refuge, and rests on 928 acres making it one of the largest community college campuses in California.

Butte College offers a quality education where students can choose from over 160 academic programs. The College also offers degrees with guaranteed transfer to California State Universities—with over 25 Associate in Arts for Transfer and Associate in Science for Transfer degrees. Butte College has the highest transfer rate to CSU, Chico, and many of our alumni have successful careers in fire, nursing, law enforcement, welding, business, computer science and more. With its exceptional instructional programs and impressive technology, the College has earned an excellent reputation for high quality general and transfer education and career and technical skills preparation.

The College's Mission Statement

Butte College

Butte College provides quality education, services, and workforce training to students who aspire to become productive members of a diverse, sustainable, and global society. We prepare our students for life-long learning through the mastery of basic skills, the achievement of degrees and certificates, and the pursuit of career and transfer pathways.

A National Leader in Sustainability

Butte College

Butte College has a long history of sustainability.

In 2011, Butte College became the first college to become 'grid positive,' meaning that the College had the capacity to generate enough electricity from its solar arrays to fully offset its electricity cost.

The College is home to 25,000 solar panels and has the ability to generate 6.4 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year or 4.5 megawatts DC – enough to power over 920 homes.

The College is a national leader for community colleges in sustainability due to student engagement both at the college and in the community, infusion of sustainability into the curriculum, workforce development focused on green jobs, LEED certified buildings, sustainable land use management, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Helping Students Succeed

Butte College

The Butte College Foundation is a non-profit, 501(C)(3) charitable organization and serves as the fundraising arm for Butte College. Donations to the Foundation help support Butte College students and programs. Scholarships can be named in honor of a loved one to leave a lasting legacy.


When attending Butte College, the majority of our international students choose to live in the city of Chico. Chico is a small city made up of about 100,000 people. With both Butte College and California State University, Chico in town, Chico is most certainly a "college town". As a result of so many students, Chico is filled with the art, vibrancy, diversity and culture of a much larger city to an otherwise small safe city. Friendly people can be found chatting with friends at one of the many local coffee houses, soaking up the sun or hiking together in Bidwell Park, one of the United States largest municipal parks.

Whether you enjoy hiking, cycling, water sports, photography or just playing in the outdoors with friends, there are a myriad of choices for you to participate in. Summer and winter sports and activities are to be found easily. Lassen Peak, Mount Shasta, Lake Oroville and Bidwell Park are all close by and contain some of the best outdoor recreational spots around. Had enough of nature for a while? Large cities like San Francisco are just a day trip away for weekend shopping and fun!

Come join us to live and study in one of the best cities to live in the Unites States. We would love to welcome you!

Still have questions? - One of the best ways to get a feel of the culture of a city is to ask a local resident! Please feel free to email Butte College staff member, Rachel Wood at woodra@butte.edu or check out our International Club Facebook page and post a discussion topic or check out the pictures taken by our club members.


Butte College International Students have a variety of housing options. To assist you in securing a place to stay while studying in Chico, we have provided a few housing options and contact information for each option.

Home Stay / Home Share places you with a local family that has been pre-screened by a local private homestay placement agency, International Homestay California for cleanliness and safety and demonstrates a desire to house international students...

Craig Student Living / Student Housing is popular for many first-time freshmen. Craig Student Living is located in the city of Chico and frequent busses are available to take you to the Butte College main campus...

Private Apartment Living is popular for students who are independent and seek a space of their own. Most students choose this option after they have established connections in the area and have made friends during their first year...

Where is Butte College?

Butte Community College is located just 75 miles north of the State Capital of California, Sacramento.




Murat Karatekeli

Home City and Country: Istanbul, Turkey

Major: Business Information Systems

Best things about Butte College: I appreciate the amount of diversity on campus that is around me. Coming from a very large and metropolitan city, it's important to me to be surrounded by people from other cultures and backgrounds.

Best things about Chico: The city is so friendly.

Best things about professors: They are very professional and willing to help students with anything.

Transferring to: Chico State

Advice to students thinking of studying abroad: Just do it! You will see the difference that only studying abroad can make in you.


Shiori Tamaki

Home City and Country: Okinawa, Japan

Major: Nursing

Best things about Butte College: Tutoring is very helpful on campus; labs and library services are accessible. The natural surroundings of the campus are quiet and beautiful and make it easy to concentrate on studying. The LRC is a great place to study and has beautiful views of the valley. The College bus system is dependable and easy to get to.

Professors: My professors are very encouraging, especially my speech professor, David Payne. His class is interesting and makes me think about many topics. He is patient with my language barrier and always helps me to feel comfortable.

Best things about Chico: It is easy to do many things in Chico. You can shop or go to Bidwell Park to relax. I like using the CSU, Chico library to study at night. Chico Safe Rides are free and make me feel safe when I want to go home late at night from downtown. My friend and I love shopping at Attic Treasures in downtown to find cool vintage clothing, old furniture and accessories.

Transfer: I will be transferring to Yavapai College in Arizona to pursue my Nursing license.

Climate: I like the climate in Chico; it feels very similar to Okinawa cool winters and hot summers.

Comments: My biggest surprise was how friendly the people in Chico are. It has been so easy to make friends with others.

Advice: To those that are considering studying abroad, I would say, "Do it." There are unique experiences that you can only have by studying in another country. My experiences have been exciting and challenging and I know they have developed my character and inner strength.


Belkis Briceño

Home City and Country: Caracas, Venezuela

Major: Fashion

Best things about Butte College: I like the language lab. The professors and staff are all very friendly. The Chico Center building is very comfortable and nice to study in. My professor is very good at getting everyone to participate.

Best things about Chico: The people in Chico are very friendly, there is very little traffic compared to my home and it feels very safe and clean. I think Chico is a good place to learn English because the people here are so friendly and patient with me. It is also nice that Chico has a University in town; it brings culture and many interesting people.

Comments: I tell my friends and family that Butte College and Chico feels similar to the countryside in Venezuela, the crime is low, it is quiet and safe.

Advice: To students considering studying abroad, I would tell them that it creates new opportunities to learn another culture that you couldn't have by staying home. You can improve your English much faster and gain new experiences you could not have by staying home. Studying abroad opens your mind to completely new experiences.


Jun Nakamiya

Home City and Country: Tokyo, Japan

Major: Business

Best Things about Butte College: Because Chico is a small city, the temptations and distractions of a large city like Tokyo are not there to distract me from my studies. The professors are so helpful with my language difference. I also love the choices of different sports classes like basketball and snowboarding.

Transfer: I am considering transferring to UCLA, University of Oregon or University of Washington.

Best thing about Chico: The peaceful atmosphere makes it easy to study and the people are so nice here.

Advice: If you want to improve your English skills, Northern California is a great place to learn, there are many nice people here to speak with and its easy to concentrate and learn here.


Kishani Kirubaharan

Home City and Country: Kandy, Sri Lanka

Major: Sociology

Best things about Butte College: The staff and faculty here go out of their way to help me. The atmosphere on campus is very quiet and peaceful. I love my drama class; it has exposed me to something completely new. In Sri Lanka, there are not plays on the same scale as here in Chico and participating in them has given me a completely new experience.

Best things about Chico: The people here are so friendly. I had heard that before I came from others in Sri Lanka that studied here, and its true, it is the biggest reason I chose to stay here. I like to hang out with my friends at night or the weekends and go to the movies or go bowling.

Transfer: I am now considering transferring to CSU, Chico.

Climate: Coming from a climate that changes very little from season to season, I love all of the fall colors and the changing colors of the seasons.

Advice: By studying abroad, you learn to live independently; I have learned to make more decisions on my own and have learned to manage my freedom of time. Working while going to school is also new for me and it has been a good experience to learn to manage my budget and I save more money now that I am the one who is earning it. Only by giving studying in another country a try can you gain experiences that will make you stand on your own two feet. Many people told me not to do it before I left; they told me it would be difficult. Sometimes, it is hard, but it's worth it everyday.


Ana Assis

Home City and Country: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Major: Theatre

Favorite things about Butte College: The staff and faculty here seem very informal in their approachability. Although there is definitely respect for their positions, they make me feel like a friend and always help me out as best they can. I also like that it is a small college; this directly results in more attention from the faculty and staff as well. At Butte, the staff and faculty know your name; they know you as a person instead of just a number in the crowd. It's also very easy to make friends here in Chico; many people are young here and are willing to help you.

Favorite things about Chico: Coming here from a very large city, I was surprised I like the small city atmosphere. Even though there are less people around than in Brazil, I can still meet lots of people and I have made some of the best friends I have ever had. I have great friends from many different countries.

Transferring to: Undecided

Biggest Challenges: The biggest challenge for me is going to school and being involved in athletics at the same time. Since I am on the women's soccer team, we are often traveling and so I must be disciplined about the time I spend in athletics and study. Being involved on the soccer team has also allowed me to travel even more. I realized how easy it was to go to San Francisco and other Bay Area cities for the weekend.

Advice to students considering studying abroad: I would say to any student considering studying abroad that it is worth it. My advice would be to come with an open mind; you must be open to new ideas and experiences. You have to be able to leave part of yourself and your culture behind but that doesn't mean losing it. I have the opportunity to share mine everyday, but if I were not open minded, I would not be able to learn about other cultures. I live near students from all over the world and I love that. If you want to come here and only eat food from your home country and only want to speak in your native language, you might as well stay home because you will not experience what studying abroad has to offer.

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