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Our Mission is to educate, inspire and support the architects of an infinite new reality! The Florence International Film School is the school for individuals who want to create works of art that inspires positive transformations in themselves, humanity and the planet. We want storytellers who want to make a difference in the world with their unique inner voice and gifts. Thus we have created Infinite Human Productions to help our students and Alumni to Create and Distribute their work.

Outside our door, one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities in the world awaits your discovery! Art Treasures, Architectural Wonders, High Fashion, Excellent Cuisine and the warmth of the famed Italian "Dolce Vita"!

Come experience your own personal rebirth in the city that gave birth to the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment! Students will receive inspiration both personally and artistically from the vast wealth of Art and Creative Energy that fuels Florence’s thriving creative community of writers, musicians, actors, artists and film makers. Students will be challenged to create fresh and original work that captures the soul of their audience and communicates their highest visions for humanity! Students will be mentored by our international staff of visiting professionals and intern on Professional Productions.

Like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, Giotto, and the other great masters of the past Renaissance whose creative vision and realized artistic accomplishments pulled the world out of the dark ages into the age of enlightenment, we are now in need of creative pioneers to bring our emerging global community up to speed. Let the works of their creative genius inspire you to develop your professional skills in film production, new media and performance art to better communicate your personal vision to humanity!

Isn't it time to be part of the New Global Renaissance?

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Four Week Intensive in Professional Film Production

Campus Full time 4 weeks October 2016 Italy Florence

In our four week intensive you will learn every aspect of professional film production from pitch to promotion. You will not only take all eight of the workshops listed below but you will get practical hands on expereince by writing your own original screenplay short, filming it on location in Italy!! Editing it in Final Cut Pro and promoting and Priemiering your film in Florence, Italy! [+]

Four Week Intensive in Professional Film Production In our four week intensive you will learn every aspect of professional film production from pitch to promotion. You will not only take all eight of the workshops listed below but you will get practical hands on experience by writing your own original screenplay short, filming it on location, editing it in Final Cut Pro, and promoting and premiering your film in Florence, Italy! We offer this program several times during the year so please let us know when you would like to attend. WORKSHOP 101 - Discovering the Inner Artist: This workshop includes mediation, creative visualization, intuitive drawing, transformational painting and storytelling, writing to unblock the creative flow and help participants to better access their higher creative powers. Exercises in creative movement, intuitive painting and writing will be employed. There is always a nurturing environment where each participant need only do what they feel comfortable sharing. The goal is to unblock the creative flow increasing personal and spiritual growth and connection through art and creative expression helping participants lead a more passionate, creative and deeply connected life and produce art work that is deeply significant. The text used is The Artist's Way by Julian de Cameron. WORKSHOP 102 - Screenplay Writing: This class is conducted by a professional screenplay writers and author. Students will leave the class with a perfected Pitch, and a completed Professional Short Screenplay or Documentary Script or a Treatment for a Feature length Screenplay. Student will also learn to recognize their own unique way of putting words and images together. All completed Screenplay shorts will be reviewed by our production company Infinite Human Productions for consideration. WORKSHOP 103 - Acting and Directing for the Camera: This class is taught by professional Directors and Performing Artists. Its unique focus is to bring Actors and Directors together help actors deliver their highest performances in front of the camera. Students will have the opportunity to perform on both sides of the camera to gain a better understanding of the creative process and the collaborative efforts involved in intuitive acting and directing. Students will write, direct and perform a short personal monologue which will be filmed and used as part of their professional portfolio or as an audition piece. These audition pieces will also be put into our data based to be used for casting in Student Films, Theatre Companies and Professional Films that are shot on location here in Florence . While the workshop is very challenging we also create a nurturing, safe and creatively free environment where actors can experiment and play! WORKSHOP 104 - Cinematography and Lighting: Students will have the opportunity to develop their own inner artistic eye. They will learn the basics involved in motivating the frames by story using composition ,color line, symbolic representation, and creating mood and tone through lighting. Students will see film clips by diverse directors and have the opportunity to analysis them and extract elements they would like to incorporate into their own style. WORKSHOP 105 - Story Boarding and Pre-production: Pre-production is a very key element in any film production and can not be skipped over. In this workshop students will finalize their project preparing it for Production. It is essential to learn good pre-production skills that can save you time and money and make to break the quality of your film. Professional Film Directors are brought in to help students with the various phases involved in pre-production.This is a vital workshop that brings the written script into a workable reality. In this workshop students will take their script and conduct casting calls or organize their interviews if they are doing a documentary. They will also scout out there locations and finalize there shooting schedule. They will create a detailed storyboard and a shooting script. WORKSHOP 106 - Professional Digital Video Production: Students will be introduces to the fast changing choices and possibilities now available in digital film production. Students will learn how to choose the best cameras and equipment and make cost effective choices for creating their own low budget professionally executed films. They will learn how to achieve the highest professional level for the lowest cost. Then Students will through hands on exercises and have the opportunity to work with state of the art equipment learning how to conduct interviews, capture motion, record sound and work in various filming modalities. Students will have the opportunity to shoot with state of the art video cameras and analysis their raw footage in class. WORKSHOP 107 - Professional Editing and Sound Track Scoring with Final Cut Pro: This Workshop covers both the technical and aesthetic aspects of editing. Understanding Story telling techniques and the basics of dramaturgy is key in furthering the creative vision of the director. Technical skills will be taught using the language of film and the organization of raw footage and sound material. Students will learn the concept of joining powerful images together in a succinct fashion to tell their story in a fresh and original manner. Students will learn how to use non-linear soft ware on their computers emphasizing the Art and Craft of creating cogent sequences that serve the story. Students will also learn how to use transitions, sequence motions and special effects motivated by story, theme and metaphor. WORKSHOP 108 - Film Marketing and Distribution: Using a unique approach to Creative Marketing this workshop will teach the ins and outs traditional film markets and give film makers a head start in how to get into the new global markets that are now opening . Students will learn of the best markets and distribution avenues for their films. They will learn which are the best opportunities for funding, distribution, and how to choose the best Film Festivals for their films. Students will also learn the latest techniques in multimedia viral marketing to get their name and their work to their target audience. Through hands on experiences of creating logos, movie posters and press kits and promo trailers which will be published on our You Tube Channel New Renaissance News. Students will collaborate in creating a publicity packages for The Florence International Film Festival and have the opportunity to work inside the Festival. [-]


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