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Young Professional Program

IAE Business School

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Future business managers identify with differential qualities such as:

• Vocation Directors • Confidence • Attraction to the challenges • Strong commitment to the responsibilities assumed • Curiosity to learn • Entrepreneurship • Passion for teamwork

Ability to look at the company as a manager Perception of all activities of the company Integrative view of organizational strategies Decision-making skills effectively Tools for better communication with the different areas of the company.

How are the classes?

• Case method: methodology developed from actual business cases. It puts the player in the center of the scene as if the same manager who must solve the problem • Reading assignment: papers, articles, books • Outdoor: active learning methodology outdoors by simulations • Strong interaction between participants by developing teamwork


• STRATEGIC DECISIONS Provides students with the conceptual framework and the tools required to diagnose the position of the company and formulate a strategy to achieve a better situation. It seeks to analyze and think strategically about the progress of the company from the perspective of synthesis.

• FUNDAMENTALS OF MARKETING This module develops the Analysis Model of business situations and the ability to making decisions based on a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis. It works around the fundamental diagnostic methodology to define a plan of action based. Then it delves into the relationship between the variables of the Marketing Mix. Finally, the skills learned in solving business problems in the tactical and strategic aspects that are involved are turning, with reference to the Business Planning.

• FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Students are introduced to the basic concepts and tools that make the daily management of the finances of the company. It works over financial reporting as a tool for decision making, considering the impact of those decisions on the performance of the company.

• ANALYSIS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY This course develops the knowledge and skills necessary to describe, understand and analyze operating systems. They aim to improve the skills and knowledge of students in a way that allows them to support the competitive strategy of the company effectively manage its operations. In a workshop, we seek to understand the paradigm shift based on the sectoral performance, toward a vision of process management.

• IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY Focusing on the mission of the overall direction and responsibility in their specific design for the company dear future, working on the implementation of comprehensive and coherent strategies as integrating elements of Business Activity and Nexus in this environment.

• SELF AND LEADERSHIP By analyzing in depth the role of driving and the foundations of the authority on which it stands, the course aims to provide attendees staff maturation as leaders and future leaders. It then focuses on the personal self for the identification and improvement of skills in regard to interpersonal relationships and leadership. Finally, seeks to guide the student in managing own development, both in terms of your career and expanding their job skills. This is achieved by working on the analysis of mental models and their impact on the learning potential you have.

• CSR Companies have primarily thought of as economic actors. However, in recent decades these have been criticized classical conceptions and the question of which is the company has resurfaced with new emphasis. Movements such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has opened the debate on the role of business in society, and more deeply about the ultimate meaning of the company. In our practical module will reflect on these questions in order to also understand the implications of this reflection on the daily task of a director.

Leadership and team building module aims to increase the capacity to solve human problems associated with the management. For them provides elements that help improve comprehension skills and response to problems that arise from the complex interplay with others, emphasizing the management tools. Topics such as leadership, conflict analysis and the dynamics of change and development companies are treated also focusing on the cultural dimension of organizational processes.

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