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TOEFL® Test Prep - Online courses and tools

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TOEFL® Test Prep - Online courses and tools


What is the TOEFL® test?

The TOEFL® is the Test of English as a Foreign Language for non-native speakers most requested by academic institutions all over the world. In addition, it is also required by government agencies, international institutions and exchange programs in English-speaking countries. The test is composed of 4 parts: Reading Comprehension, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

Why take the TOEFL® test?

The test is taken by non-native speakers of English of all ages from all over the world and it is used  primarily for admission into universities/colleges/Business Schools where English is the medium of instruction (both undergraduate and postgraduate levels).

It can also be used for immigration, scholarships and job applications.

How do I prepare for the test?

To address the test preparation needs of TOEFL® students, we have developed the following TOEFL® learning solutions:

• The MasterPrepTOEFL® Long distance course

• The MasterPrep TOEFL® E-course

• The MasterPrep TOEFL® Simulations

• The MasterPrepTOEFL® Books

• The MasterPrep Free Resources: the TOEFL® Study Plan, the TOEFL® Diagnostic Test, Get ready for the TOEFL®  test, TOEFL®  Listening, Reading, Speaking and writing Tips, download an extract from the  TOEFL® Book, Forum, MasterPrep Newsletter

The TOEFL® Long distance course is delivered remotely through conferencing solutions worldwide. We perform the TOEFL®  diagnostic test, create the TOEFL®  study plan and allocate specialized instructors to improve Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing TOEFL®  skills.

TOEFL® E-course is for students who want to improve their performance on all the sections of the TOEFL® IBT exam. To begin the training, it first identifies and evaluates your strengths and weaknesses through a Pre-Test that will determine 12 areas of the TOEFL® test that you need the most help with. Once you have completed the Pre-Test, you will have the chance to review the questions and your answers and then begin your personalized lessons.

The TOEFL® E-course content:

• 4 timed practice tests, 320 questions, Reading passages, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Explanations for incorrect answers

• Training on Writing and Speaking, 60 Speaking and 20 writing questions, review exercises

• TOEFL Skills trainer, 2400 Questions, Customized practice for listening and reading activities

• Complete answers included

The TOEFL® Simulation: an easy to use and a powerful tool which carefully prepares the exam.This test is the only simulator which uses real TOEFL iBT questions.

The  TOEFL® Books


TOEFL iBT - Your complete guide to effective scoring strategies

TOEFL® students ask: “How can I get a high TOEFL® iBT score?” Answer: Learn argument scoring strategies. Why? Because the TOEFL® iBT recycles opinion-based and fact-based arguments for testing purposes from start to finish. If you want a high score, you need essential argument scoring strategies. You will learn how to:

• Graphically map out TOEFL® iBT tasks and question types

• Deliver basic and advanced opinion-based and fact-based verbal responses

• Write basic and advanced opinion-based and fact-based essays

• Think like an official TOEFL® iBT speaking rater and writing rater

• Manage your time to maximize scoring

• Take fast and accurate notes

TOEFL iBT - Practice Tests

This book contains four, full-length TOEFL® iBT practice tests, with answer keys and audio scripts. Perfect for self-study and classrooms.

Each TOEFL® iBT practice test:

• Reflects the design of the official TOEFL® iBT

• Tests English-language proficiency expected of first and second year college and universitystudents in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England

• Provides extra practice before you take the official TOEFL® iBT

• Identify those areas of English you need to improve for a higher TOEFL® iBT score

• Will give you an unofficial, TOEFL® iBT range score within a 10-point range

Audio files + answer key + tape script included

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