Summer School in Copenhagen

Niels Brock

Program Description

Summer School in Copenhagen

Niels Brock

Two weeks in Copenhagen with teaching, company visits and social/cultural activities.

Niels Brock’s Summer School offers you the perfect combination of learning, discovering and travelling. With two exciting business subjects, Global Economics and Management Accounting, our skilled teachers cover the latest trends by applying real life cases, strategies and tools. You will discover the famous ‘Scandinavian way of learning’ – a method that actively engages students and encourages critical reflection and participation.

Included in the package are also visits to International companies/organisations, as well as a pre-tailored social/cultural programme, which introduces you to popular sights in and around Copenhagen.


Copenhagen will delight you with its natural beauty, its many charming squares and neighbourhoods, its cafés and restaurants, its canals and historical sights, its seaside and green parks, not to forget its inhabitants - the world’s happiest people. You can ‘shop till you drop’ in our modern fashion boutiques and shopping malls, or you can visit one of our many beaches, while breathing in the fresh ocean breeze that covers the city and its surroundings.



Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College

Established in 1881, Niels Brock is the oldest business college in Denmark and has more than 130 years of experience with business and commercial education. Niels Brock continues to incorporate the latest knowledge and technologies into its renowned Scandinavian approach to teaching.

Besides being one of the largest educational institutions in Denmark, Niels Brock is furthermore represented through various partnerships for example in China, Vietnam, and the US and has been very successful in tailoring education to different cultures.

Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College has a unique location, based in the heart of Copenhagen, only 200 m from the busiest train and metro station, with shops and restaurants all around.


The Summer School package consists of two weeks’ teaching, visits to large International companies/organisations, a pre-tailored social/cultural program, test and Graduation. All lessons take place at Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College based in the heart of Copenhagen with easy access to cafés, restaurants, shops and public transportation.

Students are taught in fully equipped classrooms with access to IT and free internet connection. As part of the teaching, company visits are included to integrate theory with practice, and to provide students with an idea of how to manage an International company in a Danish setting. Finally, students will be introduced to various touristic and cultural sights in and around Copenhagen.


Global Economics

Students will study economic theory and methodology to be applied through cases and assignments that focus on national and international micro-economic activities of importance to market evaluation. Statistical tools serve to describe macro-economic indices, including demographic, environmental and social factors.

Management accounting

Management accounting is a profession and a skill that involves creating planning and performance management systems, which in turn create financial reports that assist top management in either adjusting, or formulating and implementing a company strategy. The course will cover, among other things, formulation of a company strategy, creation of management accounting systems, implementing systems and information to be derived from the system.


Travelling in Scandinavia or Europe is a great option in continuation of Summer School, as Copenhagen is the perfect gateway to fantastic sights all over the European continent. If travelling has your interest, we recommend you to reserve two weeks for this purpose in continuation of Summer School. You are kindly asked to organise all travel arrangements through a travel agency of your own choice and expense. Please note that no such travel arrangements and costs are included in the Summer School package.


Accommodation in Copenhagen is not included. We encourage you to start searching for accommodation the minute you decide to go to Copenhagen. Below you will find useful links for hostels/hotels. They all have reasonable prices and offer single or shared rooms.


7250 DDK/student. Payment deadline: June 1, 2015. If your fee is transferred from abroad, please make sure to cover bank transfer charges (both sending and receiving banks) in addition to the fee itself. Accommodation, travel and travel insurance, health insurance, local transportation and food is not included in the fee.

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Deadline for applying: May 15, 2015.

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