Management and Promotion of World Heritage Sites: New Media and Community Involvement

Kadir Has University

Program Description

Management and Promotion of World Heritage Sites: New Media and Community Involvement

Kadir Has University

Management and Promotion of World Heritage Sites: New Media and Community Involvement


UNESCO Chair at Kadir Has University aims to offer summer courses to international and Turkish students with a focus on World Heritage both as an academic field of study and as an applied area of study to discuss various contemporary issues and themes, regarding management of World Heritage and community involvement through use of new media. The field studies will be made at World Heritage Sites in Istanbul or at one of the World Heritage Sites in Turkey.

The course and modules offered in the program are defined with an interdisciplinary approach. Thus, the curriculum will cut across disciplines and areas of study, and the program will not officially be affiliated with a particular faculty, department or program within KHAS. Summer School will be expanded as an academic program of a larger scale within KHAS (Department of Architecture, Department of Industrial Design, Department of New Media, etc). Internationally renowned scholars will be invited to join the program each summer to lecture and/or conduct workshops. Scholars, researchers and artists will be encouraged to contribute to the program through post-doctoral positions and/or a residency program to be offered by the University and its partners, where they can teach, conduct workshops, and organize exhibits or performances.


SP will offer package programs to appeal participants at graduate level of study:

  • MA, March, MS students and from diverse fields:
  • Art and Architecture (architecture, urban planning, urban studies, visual arts, industrial design)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities (anthropology, sociology, cultural studies)
  • Media Studies (film studies, media studies, journalism)
  • Governance (political science, international relations, public policy)
  • Computer science


The ISSP will be structured as a two week program around two major modules.

COURSE: World Heritage & Digital Technologies

  • Module II: NEW MEDIA & Applications

The curriculum may include courses that focus on various contemporary issues and themes cutting across the designated modules, such as World Heritage and procedures, Management of World Heritage Sites, Management Plan, Cultural Landscapes, Historic Urban Landscape Approach, Community Involvement, Visitor Management, Local Governance and Community Involvement, New Media Applications, Use of New Media for Management of Cultural Heritage etc.

Credit Transfer System:

The credits earned at the SP will have equivalency in, and be transferable to, both the US credit system and the ECTS. Suggested load is two courses, equivalent to 3 KHAS credits, 3 US credits or 6 ECTS credits. Students who complete the program will be awarded a certificate of participation as well as a transcript where applicable.

Enrollment and Tuition:

Enrollment expected to be 10-20 students.

The suggested tuition of 2000 USD package fee covers the cost of one course (two modules) including accommodation and transportation to the World Heritage Site.

Administration and Teaching:

The SP will be run by the UNESCO Chair at Kadir Has University, with participation from various faculties and research centers within KHAS and guest lecturers from outside the university.


For a limited number of applicants TCF (Turkish Cultural Foundation) provides funding. For further details please refer to related TCF Web Sites.

Application Deadline: May 1st 2015

Notification of the acceptance letters: May 8th 2015

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Start date
June 2017
2 weeks
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2,000 USD
Start date June 2017
Turkey İstanbul
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Duration 2 weeks
Price 2,000 USD