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GRE® Test Prep - Online courses and tools

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GRE® Test Prep - Online courses and tools


What is the GRE®?

The GRE® is the  Graduate Record Examination, a standardized test that is an admissions requirement for  graduate schools, business programs or doctoral degrees world-wide. The exam mainly measures verbal and quantitative reasoning.

Why take the GRE®?

The test is taken by prospective graduate and business school applicants from all around the world who seek admission to a master's, MBA. Since applicants come from varying backgrounds standardized tests provide admission officers with a common measure to compare the  candidates' qualifications. Besides admission on higher education programs,  the Schools may use the GRE® scores when evaluating  Tuittion waiver/ Scholarship applications.

How do I prepare for the GRE®?

To address the test preparation needs of GRE® students, we have developed the following GRE® learning solutions:

• The MasterPrep GRE® Long distance course

• The MasterPrep GRE® E-course

• The MasterPrep GRE® Simulations

• The MasterPrep GRE® Books

• The MasterPrep Free Resources: the GRE® Study Plan, the GRE® Diagnostic Test, How to prepare for the GRE® slides, download an extract from the GRE® Book, Forum, Question of the Day, the MasterPrep Newsletter

The GRE® Long distance course is delivered remotely through conferencing solutions worldwide. We perform the GRE diagnostic test, create the GRE study plan and allocate specialized instructors for the GRE Verbal and Quantitative parts.

The GRE® E-course: although the GRE® is a difficult test, it is a very learnable test. It can be mastered through hard work, analytical thought, and by training yourself to think like a test writer. This course will introduce you to numerous analytic techniques that will help you immensely, not only on the GRE® test but in graduate school as well. About 15% of the material is dedicated to studying how the questions are constructed. Familiarity with the GRE®'s structure will help reduce your anxiety. The more you know about this test, the less anxious you will be the day you take it.

The GRE® E-course content:

GRE® Math: Quantitative Comparisons, Standard Multiple-choice, Graphs, Numeric Entry, Substitution, Defined Functions Exercise, Number Theory, Quantitative Comparisons, Hard Quantitative Comparisons , Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Elimination Strategies, Inequalities, Fractions and Decimals, Equations, Averages, Ratio & Proportion, Exponents and Roots, Factoring, Word Problems.

GRE® Verbal: Sentence Equivalence, Reading Comprehension, Text Completions, Pivotal words, Vocabulary drills.

The  GRE® Simulation:

• Correct answers and complete explanations

• AWA sections: Quantitative and Verbal

• Management and Accurate assessment of score (130-170)

• 2 modes of use: Realistic Timing simulation of examination and Practice Mode - operating procedures and practice indefinitely

• Compatible with various operating systems (Windows, iOS)

• Timer for each question to calculate the time taken for each response

• No duplicate questions

• Effective CAT "Computer Adaptive Test"

• No expiration of saved results

The GRE® Book, Your Complete Guide to GRE Preparation introduces you to numerous analytic techniques that will support your test performance.The book’s content spans from basic concepts to more advanced topics. For every section, a study extension is included with harder exercises which target the upper levels of difficulty of the test.

• Top tips on how to gain more points on the GRE®

• Effective startegies developed by MasterPrep expert instructors

• Hundreds of real GRE®  level questions

• GRE®  quick start study plan

• GRE®  secrets you can’t afford to know

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