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What is the GMAT®?

The GMAT®  is the Graduate Management Admission Test, a standardized computer adaptive  test. Like all aptitude tests, it must choose a medium in which to measure ‘academic ability’. The GMAT® has chosen Math and English to do so by testing quantitative and verbal reasoning skills.

The GMAT® is used primarily for post-graduate program admission to Business Schools/universities/colleges, and, in particular, MBA programs.

What is a computer adaptive test?

CAT means the level of difficulty of each Quantitative or Verbal question is determined by whether the previous question was answered correctly or not. It also means you cannot skip questions and go back to them later on. You are obliged to answer each question before being able to move on. There is always one (and only one) correct answer for each question.

Why take the GMAT®?

The test is taken by prospective candidates of all ages from all over the world and it is used  primarily for admission into Business Schools/universities/colleges. Since applicants come from varying backgrounds standardized tests provide admission officers with a common measure to compare the  candidates' qualifications. Besides admission on higher education programs,  the Schools may use the GMAT scores when evaluating  Tuittion waiver/ Scholarship applications.

Our Online GMAT Test Prep courses are delivered remotely through conferencing solutions worldwide. MasterPrep addresses the needs of students and offers a variety of solutions:

  • The MasterPrep GMAT® Long distance course
  • The MasterPrep GMAT® E-course
  • The MasterPrep GMAT® Simulations
  • The MasterPrep GMAT® Books
  • The MasterPrep Free Resources: GMAT® Study Plan, GMAT® Diagnostic Test, 10 GMAT® Secrets, Download an extract from the GMAT® Book,  GMAT® Scores for Business Schools, GMAT® Course Content, Forum, Question of the Day

Description: the GMAT® e-course should be approached with a lot of study, analytical thinking, and learning to think like a GMAT®  writer. Many of the exercises in this course are designed to train you to think like those who formulate questions for this test. On the basis of this knowledge, the material will introduce a series of analytical techniques that will be of great help not only for the GMAT® test but also for the program for which you need it for.

A brief look at the GMAT® E-course content:

GMAT®  Verbal:

Critical Reasoning: Premises, conclusions and assumptions (suppressed premises) , Obfuscation, traps, 2 out 5 rule, Classification of Assumptions, GMAT verbal strategy, Questions Types, Practice

Reading Comprehension and Sentence Correction: Reading methods, Mapping the reading passage, Question answering strategies, Question types, Types of errors, What is the GMAT looking for, Answer choice types, Strategy, Practice

GMAT®  Quantitative:

Problem Solving: Types of problems integrated with math review and strategies, Number theory and properties – Rapid mental calculation skills, Algebra, Percentage, Fractions and decimals, Ratio and proportion, Mixtures, Geometry

Data Sufficiency: Types of questions integrated with math review and strategies, Number properties in Data Sufficiency, Exponents and roots, Factors and multiples, Equations, Probability and Statistics, Combinatorics

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