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Executive Education - Hong Kong

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Executive Education - Hong Kong

Your organization is changing

You're entering new markets, facing new competitors, dealing with new rules.

You need outstanding leaders

Leaders who think strategically, not operationally. Leaders who look at business from a cross-enterprise perspective, rather than from functional silos. Leaders who think globally, execute brilliantly, and can drive change. Developing outstanding leaders is critical to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s fast-changing, global economy.

Ivey helps you develop true leaders

We are a strategic partner in management development to many of the leading organizations in Asia and other parts of the world. We develop long-term relationships with clients to truly understand their organization – their business strategy, organizational issues, and training & development approach. This knowledge enables us to pinpoint your management development requirements, and to design and deliver finely-tuned executive programs that develop the exact leadership competencies your company needs. The results for your organization are immediate.

Custom Programs

Ivey custom programs allow you to customize executive development to meet your rapidly changing needs and goals – whether you want a program that is specific to your industry or one that supports a major change in your organization's direction. Our programs are designed in full partnership with our clients. The outcome is a results focused learning experience grounded in your organization’s strategic goals.

Consortium Programs

Ivey's consortium programs are put together for a group of six to eight different, non-competing organizations that are facing similar challenges and issues. Each company sends a minimum of five employees. Partnering companies can influence subject content, timing of the program as well as share in the costs of program design and delivery.

A consortium program combines the features of both company specific programs and open enrolment programs, but the real value comes from the consortium members learning from each other through team and class sessions, sharing best practices, and gaining insights into how the consortium partners tackle issues in different ways.

Benefits of Consortium Programs

  • Strengthen leadership capabilities
  • Push strategic thinking to a new level
  • Attain a cross-enterprise management perspective
  • Learn global & cross-industry best practices
  • Understand how to lead and manage change
  • Network with other high-achieving executives

Ivey Financial Analysis Program

The Ivey Asia Financial Analysis Program is designed for nonfinancial executives who want to develop their understanding of the financial ramifications of strategic and operating decisions. You will learn to apply accounting and financial concepts and frameworks and increase your ability to have a strong impact on your bottom line.

Ivey Influence and Persuasion Program

This is a dynamic and interactive session that will have a lasting positive effect on your communication skills and interpersonal style. Designed for those who wish to master powerful influencing and persuasion skills, it will guarantee new levels of leadership, presence, and high-impact communication.

The Ivey Learning Experience

The Ivey learning approach is based on learn-by-doing, not just learn-by-listening. What managers truly need doesn’t come in a textbook. It’s experiential and intuitive - definitely not a lecture. It’s something we call the Ivey Learning Experience. Through this Experience, we bring you together with exceptional participants from around the world, immersing you in real business challenges under the guidance of experienced faculty. The Experience is carefully orchestrated to mirror the business decision-making process and integrate across business disciplines.

At the heart of the Ivey Learning Experience is the case study method. Through this experiential learning, you’ll find yourself in the shoes of decision-makers, struggling with real challenges, incomplete or too much information, time limits, people issues and resource constraints. Combining the case method with other experiential learning approaches, including simulations, group exercises, industry experts, action-learning experiences and facilitated discussions, you’ll develop a set of skills to effectively analyze issues, develop strategies and execute plans successfully.

Ivey is the world’s largest producer of cases with an Asian focus, and ranks second to Harvard for its worldwide case development.

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