Diploma or Certificate in Photography or Graphic Design

Warsaw School of Photography & Graphic Design

Program Description

Diploma or Certificate in Photography or Graphic Design

Warsaw School of Photography & Graphic Design

Diploma or Certificate in Photography: Professional and Artistic Studies


  1. Camera Equipment and Basic Photo Techniques (analogue and digital)
  2. Expressive and Humanistic Photography
  3. A Phenomenology of the Image. Visual Communication
  4. Photojournalism and Journalistic Ethics
  5. Photojournalism and Documentary Photography
  6. Advanced photojournalism
  7. Illustrative and Advertising Photography I
  8. Illustrative and Advertising Photography II
  9. Creative Photography I
  10. Creative Photography II
  11. Creative Portrait Photography
  12. Psychological Portrait Photography
  13. Landscape Photography I$ including the Zone System
  14. Landscape Photography II
  15. Creative Techniques in Photography
  16. Large Format Photography
  17. Studio Photography
  18. Fashion Photography$ I
  19. Fashion Photography II
  20. History of photography I
  21. History of Photography II
  22. History of Contemporary Photography
  23. History of Art I
  24. History of Art II
  25. History of Contemporary Art
  26. Video Art$ and Artistic Photography in New Media.
  27. Film Postproduction
  28. Staged Photography
  29. Black and White Archival Darkroom Techniques
  30. Exhibition quality black and white, analogue prints on gelatin silver paper
  31. Exhibiting Photographs. Tour of important galleries and photo festivals and direct contact with their curators
  32. Photo Edition for Publications
  33. Coaching
  34. Digital Imaging and Printing Techniques
  35. Advanced Digital Imaging and Printing Techniques
  36. New technologies in the Postproduction of Photographs
  37. Professional Digital Retouching
  38. Media copyright and basic intellectual property law
  39. Photography Thesis
  40. Photography Seminar

Diploma or Certificate in Graphic Design: Professional and Artistic Studies


  1. Graphic Design I
  2. Graphic Design II
  3. Vector Graphics 2D (Illustrator)
  4. Bitmap Graphics (Adobe Photoshop)
  5. Graphic Design III and Branding
  6. Graphics 3D
  7. Web Design and Programming I
  8. Web Design and Programming II
  9. Computer Games: Introduction
  10. Animation 2D
  11. Animation 3D
  12. Typography
  13. Drawing I
  14. Drawing II
  15. Painting I
  16. Painting II
  17. Illustration – books, press, advertising, publishing graphics
  18. Narrative Illustration I – story board, comics, character design
  19. Audiovisual Design
  20. Visual communication
  21. Colour Theory and Colour Management
  22. History of Art I
  23. History of Art II
  24. Contemporary Art
  25. Media copyright and basic intellectual property law
  26. Preparation for offset and digital printing
  27. Graphic Design Thesis
  28. Graphic Design Seminar


There are no entrance examinations and presentation of a portfolio. There are no English tests. We require that you speak and understand English. We do not require any previous experience in drawing or painting. We have courses which start from the very beginning and are parallel to our other regular courses. In the first year we teach you the basic techniques of drawing, painting and photography. Our philosophy is to let students discover their hidden talents and give them the opportunity to develop them.

A Certificate in Photography or Graphic Design is granted after one or two years of studies. A Diploma in Photography or Graphic Design is granted after three years of studies.


The annual tuition fees are:

4300 Euro

200 Euro admission and registration fee payable only once at the beginning of the first year of studies.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

Last updated December 21, 2015
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Oct. 2016
1 - 3 years
Full time
4,300 EUR
Sept. 15, 2016
Start date Oct. 2016
Poland Warsaw, Masovia
Application deadline Sept. 15, 2016
End date Request Info
Duration 1 - 3 years
Price 4,300 EUR
per year