Developing Personal Influence and Impact

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Developing Personal Influence and Impact

MCE Management Centre Europe

Mid-level Managers

WHY attend this programme?

Today’s business environment is not easy. Priorities change frequently and you need to get results faster. But in companies and organisations, you don’t always have direct control over all the people and elements you need to deliver results efficiently and on time.

We all know how stressful and frustrating it can be, trying to get everybody in a project team to deliver their parts of the project. It can also be just working with your colleagues every day, they are just too busy to help you with your project. If you could just get everybody on board and supporting your ideas, it would make life so much easier. It would also save the company time and money.

But how do you do this? How do you get others to support your goals and objectives? How do you work your way through internal politics to get the collaboration and resources you need? How do you get all stakeholders on board including your peers, your team, senior management and maybe even customers and suppliers?

WHO should attend?

If you need to influence people or teams to get things done, then this programme is for you!

HOW will you benefit?

After taking this programme, you will be able to:

  • Influence the people you need to get your project done and to meet your goals and objectives
  • Manage internal politics and difficult people and overcome resistance
  • Project a stronger, more confident and professional image so that others will listen to you
  • Build, manage and leverage a personal network of colleagues
  • Apply a wider range of high impact influencing strategies to get what you need, regardless of your position or level of authority

WHAT will you learn and practice?

This programme is facilitated by an experienced manager who has risen up through various organizational positions in multinational organizations to hold a senior position, and has extensive experience using ethical influence to achieve outcomes.

You’ll bring your own influence challenges to the programme, and your facilitator will adapt the programme to address the challenges of your group of participants.

You’ll get plenty of chance to practice your influence skills through a variety of case studies, exercises and role plays, with feedback from your facilitator and your fellow participants.

Module 1: You, Influence and the Managerial Context

We will look at the role of influence in strategy implementation – getting things done through people over whom you have no authority – your peers whose collaboration your team needs to meet its own goals and even your superiors whose sponsorship and resource allocation you’ll need to achieve your departmental strategy. We’ll also introduce the basics of influence and you’ll learn about your own influencing style and capabilities. Through case studies, self-assessment, role play, peer discussion, and reflection you will:

  • First, gain awareness of your own influencing style and skill level
  • Build a deeper appreciation and understanding of the role of influence in management
  • Get a conceptual introduction to the essentials of influence - power, politics, persuasion, and strategy implementation/goal achievement
  • Identify your own influencing challenge with respect to implementing your strategy

Module 2: Navigate your organization’s politics

Like it or not, organizational politics are an integral part of daily working life. They can help or hinder you in strategy implementation. You’ll learn to map the power dynamics in your organization and how to ethically use them to support your strategy implementation. You’ll also learn ways to identify and counter people who are acting overtly or covertly to obstruct your strategy implementation. Through case studies, self-assessment, introduction to concepts, peer discussion and self-reflection, you will:

  • Develop situational awareness and learn to read the dynamics behind organizational politics – what are people trying to achieve?
  • Examine manipulation and influence from an ethical point of view – when is it good and when does it cross over the line?
  • Learn typical influence tactics, and how to defend yourself against them
  • Learn to construct an influence map as a basis for analysis and development of an influence approach
  • Develop your own influence/political map of own strategy implementation challenge and the stakeholders involved, including your own political, power and influence position

Module 3: Build networks and coalitions

You can’t do it alone; you need people to help you implement your strategy. You’ll need the collaboration of your peers; this means understanding their goals and constraints in relation to yours and in relation to organizational goals, and identifying opportunities for both of you to benefit. It means mapping to their interests, gaining their respect and trust for collaboration. This is a lot easier if you have already built trust and reciprocity ahead of time by creating an informal influence network. Through practical exercises, peer discussion, and self-reflection, you will:

  • Understand the principles behind networking, the power of an informal network, and how to leverage it for your strategy implementation.
  • We’ll look at internal and external networks.
  • The importance of credibility through empathy, honesty, and trust – hard to build, easy to destroy
  • Use the influence map to determine not only what you need, but what your potential coalition partners need in order to be successful – can you help them?
  • More work on your own influence challenge

Module 4: Persuade, and win over the resistors

How can you communicate with impact, and persuade, or even inspire people to join you? This takes some work on your personal style. How do you deal with difficult people, how can you win over the stubborn resistors? We will work on practical persuasion and communication through exercises and coaching. During the afternoon, there will be time for taking stock of your learning points and getting back to your personal influence challenge. Through individual exercises, reflection and coaching, you will work on:

  • Creating presence and communicating powerfully
  • Demonstrating credibility and authenticity through facts, emotions/values and visuals
  • Persuasion techniques
  • Being assertive
  • Identifying resistance, the different types of resistors, and how to handle them
  • Mini-course in conflict handling
  • Putting it all together and key learning points from the programme
  • Work on your individual influencing challenges with the support of your programme coaches.
  • Develop an “influencing” action plan that will help you with executing your department’s strategy

WHY participate in an MCE programme?

  • TOP PROGRAMME: Almost 400,000 participants have taken part in an MCE Open Enrolment programme
  • PRACTICAL: Pragmatic approach to learning - learn today, apply tomorrow
  • FACILITATORS: MCE’s Facilitators are experts in their field with extensive business experience
  • INTERNATIONAL: global best practice and networking with peers from across EMEA
  • RECOGNIZED: MCE is a top ranked learning provider with a unique offering in Leadership Skills and Business Acumen.
  • RECOMMENDED: 95%of our clients would come back for another programme and recommend MCE
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