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Key Account Management

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Film Business Management, Deal-making, Marketing & Sales

European School of Economics
Campus January 2017 Italy Rome

With all its lights and shadows, the film industry remains one of the strongest sectors worldwide, and it is arguably the most influential. The aim of the course is to equip students with the fundaments of filmmaking and will accomplish a solid foundation upon which you may grow in any direction. Once there, the course will help you choose your area of interest and will provide you with the proper tools to specialize. [+]

Best Part time Course Studies in Key Account Management 2017. In terms of raw figures, the film industry is one of the biggest sources of income for the US, and film studies are offered in hundreds of colleges and universities around the world. Our Short Course provides the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to enter the Film Business, along with the benefits of studying in an international environment. All that plus the experience of spending 3 months in the Eternal City. Start living "La dolce vita" now! The Programme comprises 4 modules and 1 workshop. Each module entails one 3-Hrs session per week over 10 weeks, plus an optional 3-month internship programme upon completion of all modules. The modules we are offering are: - The Movie Business: Strategy & Management - Introduction to Accounting & Finance - International Marketing - International Strategic Management - Legal and Film Business Contracts workshop Internship: Available; Students must be considered eligible for taking an internship (submit a resume, [-]

Reinvent Sale: Consultative Selling & Trading

laSalle Barcelona
Campus September 2017 Spain Barcelona

In this program, we suggest you improve your business skills using consultative selling, sales methodology customer-focused, learning to identify their needs and how to bring you value beyond the product or service sold. [+]

At present, given the enormous number of alternatives available to our clients, having a good product or service may not be enough to get a sale. This is because they tend to think that the best way to approach the sale is educating the customer about the features of a product or service attributes, when it is ineffective and inefficient. In this program, we suggest you improve your business skills using consultative selling, sales methodology customer-focused, learning to identify their needs and how to bring you value beyond the product or service sold. This program will take us to learn different techniques ranging understanding of the potential of our business personality, market analysis, detection of needs, the communication process and the loyalty of our customers. What do you prepare? 1. Acquire the global vision of business planning and consultative sales process. 2. Being able to manage the different phases of the sales process (detection of needs, argumentation, objections and treatment, closure). 3. Learning to identify decision makers and specifiers of purchasing in the organization of our customers, determine their role and attitudes of purchase. 4. Increase business productivity. 5. Knowing how to increase customer loyalty. 6. Knowing how to manage time and resources available. The methodology is very participatory and intense. Explanations on sales fundamentals combined with practical application exercises using role-play of real cases that lead participants to consolidate learning through personal and group reflection. Program BLOCK 1: Vision, strategy and objectives 1. Presentation Programme 2. Customer segmentation 3. Commercial management 4. Business Planning 5. Needs 6. proactive attitude to the sale 7. Objectives work (case study) PART 2: The consultative sales process 1. Preparation of the visit - Briefing 2. Technical sales process PresentaciĆ³n soundings Smart Questions (Technical SPIN) treatment Objections Argumentation Closing Case Study (role-play) Admission One of the key development Program Masters in La Salle factors are the people who join the program: selected people responding to criteria curriculum, according to academic, functional, sectoral and geographical dimensions that foster the enrichment of the collective. The admission process in La Salle aims to select the most suitable candidates for each program and to ensure the level and quality of coexistence and communication between participants, which is a distinctive feature of the style of La Salle. The admission process for the academic year is now open and the candidates who begin the process as soon as possible because the admissions period remains open until all seats limit established for each academic program is recommended. Cost and Financing: Request information and send you a complete dossier with information on resources, banks and associates. Scholarships and grants: Request information and receive Programs Scholarships and Grants. [-]