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There is an array of options for courses in France. Whether you are a professional staying updated on technologies or methodologies, seeking a career change, or just starting out in your career, there are courses in France that will help you meet your goals. Students from all over the world choose courses in France not only for the excellent quality of education, but also for the culture, art, music, food, and exciting nightlife.

Some examples of courses in France include several in the business field such as strategic management, project management, entrepreneurship, and general management. There are also choices for students interested in such topics as fashion, energy, and tourism, among many others. For flexibility in scheduling, students can choose part-time, full-time, and online courses in France.

You can learn more about your options for courses in France by browsing the programs below or narrowing your search using the search boxes above. You may find the program that will help you reach your personal and professional goals!

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French Language Etrangère

INSEEC Chambéry campus
Campus Full time 1 semester October 2017 France Chambéry-le-Vieux

The Rhône-Alpes region and the department of Savoie, draw their strength from their geographical location [+]

Entry Requirements LEVEL LANGUAGE Minimum required A2 (European Framework of Reference for Languages) ACADEMIC LEVEL Candidate to contest Evolution 1 and 2 INSEEC Grande Ecole: Bac +2 - Degree Candidate in the contest EGC 3-4 graduate or equivalent MAINTENANCE OF MOTIVATION IN FRENCH Moving Chambéry candidate or link remotely on site or by phone

Volume Time 315 hours of face to face teaching

Academic content - French Foreign Language (FLE) - Deepening of the four language skills: Listening Reading comprehension Oral production Written production- Logic and storage - Reasoning and Problem Solving - English - Analysis, synthesis and writing from authentic documents - Preparation for oral tests of motivation... [-]

Engineering summer school

EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science
Campus Full time 2 - 3 weeks July 2017 France Paris

EPITA Summer Sessions is committed to offering high quality, innovative academic courses and interactive education opportunities during the summer. [+]

For a significant and rewarding experience in Paris , EPITA offers 2 or 3-week summer programs (up to 3 ECTS credits), between the 11th of July and the 31st of July 2016, from €1,090 only. By opening its doors to foreign students, EPITA aims to educate a broad and diverse population. EPITA supports international students in acquiring multiple skills and discovering the French way of teaching. In order to boost students’ experiences in Paris, classes are focused on communication and participation. EPITA Summer School courses are full-time, intensive programs, and consist of at least 30 contact hours over the two-week period. Students will therefore have to choose among the following courses, entirely taught in English: Mobile Development 2 weeks / 2 ECTS credits The aim is to design a mobile application from scratch and know its structure and basic elements. Students will learn how to make screen layouts and user interfaces, manage contents, understand mobile applications characteristics (performance, optimization, market segmentation,), and develop a simple application for Android or iOS and install on the device. Video Games Development 3 weeks / 3 ECTS credits The aim is to design a video game with graphics and sounds. Students will learn how to use the computer components (sound cards, graphic cards,) to build up their game which is usually developed for Windows. The offered games are often a replication of those that are very well known in the market and usually most played by students. Cyber and Information Security 2 weeks / 2 ECTS credits The aim of this module is to expose the students to the client and server side security concepts. Students will understand the major security vulnerabilities associated with web technologies such as such as XSS, SQL injection, manipulate and fix those vulnerabilities, and deploying a state-of-the-art SSL/TLS configuration on a web server. Topics will include cryptography penetrating testing, digital forensics. EPITA Summer School gives ECTS credits for its courses. Students can easily transfer credits to other universities using the ECTS system. A summer school curriculum based on the real needs of the business world! We believe that professionals are not only the best qualified, but the only ones genuinely capable to train you on the professional skills you need for a successful career. Our Summer School program pledges to the following academic practices: Using company-expert only instructors Encouraging students to interact and contribute to the courses Building for each student their first international network Cultural activities EPITA Summer Schools are not only courses but also a great opportunity to have fun and discover the beautiful city of Paris! During your stay, your Buddies will guide you to visit the most famous places in Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum, the Château de Versailles and even Disneyland! Services Accommodation, on option, can be provided in one of EPITA’s residences next to the campus. An airport pick-up service is also offered. [-]

Hautes Études du Goût de la Gastronomie et des Arts de la Table

Le Cordon Bleu Paris
Campus Full time 2 weeks October 2016 France Paris

The world of gastronomy and the art of fine dining is facing major changes. Consumers are more open-minded, more curious and more demanding about quality, service and information. [+]

Course Studies in France 2016/2017. Hautes Études du Goût de la Gastronomie et des Arts de la Table ARE YOU READY FOR A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE? The world of gastronomy and the art of fine dining is facing major changes. Consumers are more open-minded, more curious and more demanding about quality, service and information; at the same time, professionals are faced with rapidly evolving careers and have to choose between progressing in their own specialty or changing direction. Hautes Études du Goût provide a unique, multi-disciplinary program which aims at putting forward all the scientific, cultural, sociological and economic aspects of taste, gastronomy and the art of fine dining. After successful completion of the study program, students will be awarded the D.U.G.G.A.T (Diplôme Universitaire du Goût, de la Gastronomie et des Arts de la Table), an official diploma delivered by the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne. For students within the European Union, 60 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System) are associated with the D.U.G.G.A.T. 60 ECTS credits represent a full-time academic year of formal learning in the European system. Classes are given in French and translated into English simultaneously. In addition, students will receive a certificate from Le Cordon Bleu. Articulation between the Hautes Etudes du Goût program and Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism: Any Hautes Etudes du Goût/DUGGAT graduate who wishes to further explore their passion for food and wine and enrol in the Master of Gastronomic Tourism program will receive recognition for ONE (1) elective unit of the MGT. 2016 SESSION Ask now for your application form for our 2016 course (2 weeks in October)! COURSE PROGRAM Restaurant criticism: the delicate act of judging in the sensitive field of taste Fortunato da Camara, food critic for Publico newspaper (Portugal) and culinary books author. HEG 2011 Graduate. Culture and Food: a comparative approach to food in 5 European countries and in the United States Estelle Masson is a lecturer in social psychology at the Université de Bretagne occidentale. Socio-anthropology of food - food and ethics Socio-anthropology of food - food and ethics. Presented by Vincent Moriniaux, Lecturer at the University Paris-Sorbonne Wine and magical thinking Frédéric Brochet, Wine company manager, winemaker Having redrawn the expansion of the vine and the wine, which is based on economic and civilizational elements, the course will focus on the creation of territories and "terroir" of the wine. Protected Designation of Origin (AOC in French) answer a real project of society. Medieval gastronomy Bruno Laurioux, Professor in medieval history at the University of Versailles St Quentin en Yvelines Bread revival in France today Jean-Philippe de Tonnac, journalist, essayist, and Christophe Zunic, master baker Sensorial communication and marketing Caroline Dusautoir, Lecturer at Reims Management School Marketers facing a dilemma The sensorial approach brings new hope Emotions, rediscovering a raw and primitive language Olfaction, readapting a sense The psychology of taste: the influence of education on children's food behaviour Natalie Rigal, Lecturer at the University of Paris-X Nanterre Dining: customs and traditions Anne Kolivanoff, auctioneer, specialized in tableware Gastronomy and cultural identity Denis Saillard, professor at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines Gastronomy and the food service industry in the 19th Century Denis Saillard, professor at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yveline World food cultures in Paris Gilles Fumey, Professor in geography of food cultures at the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne Large cities offer an ever-increasing range of world foods. Gilles Fumey takes us on a fun and educational tour of the streets of central Paris where we can appreciate the diversity and convergence of urban eating habits and their subsequent transformation. Evolution of food consumption : what can economic analysis teach us? Pierre Combris, Director of Research with INRA Trends in food consumption: economic and social factors. This class concerns trends in food consumption in France and throughout the world over the last fifty years. It illustrates the radical effect that changing prices and incomes have on our diets. The Physics of Champagne Bubbles Gérard Liger-Belair, Lecturer at the University of Reims in the Champagne-Ardenne region - Gérard Liger-Belair invites you to "dive" into a champagne flute for a physicochemical analysis and interpretation of the various stages in the fleeting life of a bubble. Chemical Food contaminants: are consumer concerns justified? Jean-Pierre Cravedi, researcher at INRA An example of a genuine terroir effect: cheese Jean-Baptiste Coulon, Director of Research with INRA - Terroir, a geographic area, is a multidimensional concept with physical, biological and human aspects. Aroma chemistry in cooking Hubert Richard, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry of Natural Substances, ENSIA - Using current data from the physiology of taste and olfaction, the first part of the class will demonstrate the differences between taste, odor (smell) and retronasal perception (aroma). Molecular gastronomy Hervé This, Physicochemist at INRA - Collège de France - Molecular gastronomy is not limited to just cooking (or this scientific discipline would be called "molecular cuisine") but includes the physicochemical phenomena connected with human nutrition. Camembert cheese, a French myth Pierre Boisard, sociologist - Ancient Norman cheese, the camembert cheese arrived in Paris at the dawn of the industrial revolution, thanks to the railway. In the second half of the 19th Century, it was present everywhere in France. Law, food and gastronomy: the French legal exception Jean-Paul Branlard, Lecturer in Food Law at the University of Paris-Sud - Fashioned by their history and their environment, kitchens and gastronomy in France form a type of cultural expression among the most outstanding in the country. Gastronomy in the framework of taste goods - an economic analysis Christian Barrère, Professor at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne - How do you explain that gastronomy is becoming a mass phenomenon whereas its professional representatives only focus on a limited elite? Pedagogical meals, visits and workshops 1. A Medieval dinner Bruno Laurioux, Lecturer in medieval history at the University of Versailles St Quentin, with the team from the Grégoire Ferrandi School 2. Wine and food pairing dinner Jacques Puisais - Institut Français du Goût 3. Champagne and food pairing dinner Under the auspices of Union des Oenologues de Champagne (Champagne Winemakers Association) 4. Tasting Workshop organized by G.H. MUMM Champagne: Tasting of vins clairs and reserve wines Educational wine and food pairing lunch based on the same champagne served at different temperatures and in different glasses 5. Culinary demonstration with Le Cordon Bleu Chefs 6. Introduction to the 'Note by Note' Cuisine By Christophe Lavelle, researcher at MNHN and CNRS. 7. A guided visit of the Rungis International Market, the largest wholesale market in the world for fresh products (with Guy Chemla, Professor at the University of La Sorbonne-IV). “What thrilled me the most was discovering all the connections linking taste with all the topics we have studied. I was totally satisfied with the original and comprehensive approach to the notion of "taste", together with the quality of the lectures and their practical application thanks to the educational meals.” Claire Debruille (France) - 2005 graduate [-]

Black & White Printing - The Stop-System (Part-time Program Paris)

Spéos Paris-London Photographic Institute
Campus Part time 5 weeks October 2016 France Paris

This workshop presents black & white darkroom techniques, using the Stop System (a visual method invented at Speos) to understand and control the printing process. [+]

The part-time program is designed for beginners, amateurs and photography students alike. The various workshops deal with all the major aspects of modern photography: theory and practice, from past to present. This workshop presents black & white darkroom techniques, using the Stop System (a visual method invented at Speos) to understand and control the printing process. By the end of the week, each participant will be able to judge the quality of a print and produce good black & white pictures. To follow the workshop, a film camera is indispensable. From October to May. 3 hours per week, during 5 weeks. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm Saturdays 2.30 pm – 5.30 pm Price per workshop: € 500 [-]

International Winter school

Campus Full time 2 weeks February 2017 France Paris

Object-oriented programming: February 15th to 26th, 2016 [+]

Course Studies in France 2016/2017. International Winter school Object-oriented programming: February 15th to 26th, 2016 WEEK 1: February 15th to February 19th, 2016 Monday, February 15th: Welcome, introduction, campus visit. French class, “Mini-Pool C++” Tuesday, February 16th to Thursday, February 18th: “Mini-Pool C++” Friday, February 19th: Visit of the Eiffel Tower. Lunch followed by a visit of a start-up accelerator. WEEK 2: February 22nd to February 26th, 2016 Monday, February 22nd to Thursday, February 25th: “Mini-Pool C++”. Awarding of Certificates Friday, February 26th: Visit of the National Opera. Lunch at the rooftop of the legendary department store Printemps, with the breathtaking view on the monuments of Paris. Visit of the Digital Crossroads and its FabLab (1200 sq. meters dedicated to experimentation in the area of digital and innovative technologies). This schedule is tentative. The final list of activities will be communicated to the students at their arrival. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Students who have knowledge of the C-programming language. APPLICATION DEADLINE: December 28, 2015 PROGRAM FEE: 1 400€ Program fees include tuition fees, extra-curricular activities, accommodation, lunches and metro pass. Tuition fees could be waived for students from the Epitech international partner institutions. [-]

Intensive French language courses: DUEF

University Of Avignon
Campus Full time 1 - 2 semesters January 2017 France Avignon

Any person who has completed secondary school studies and who wishes to learn French or improve his/her knowledge. [+]

Target audience : Any person who has completed secondary school studies and who wishes to learn French or improve his/her knowledge. This French course can provide access to student status and card. Levels : From beginner (A1) to advanced (C1). Level A1 only during the 1st semester, level C1 only during the 2nd semester, on condition a minimum number of students are enrolled. On the first day, students take a written placement test. They are placed into groups corresponding to their language level. There are 15 students per group on average (10 to 20 depending on level). Pedagogical approach : Pedagogical objectives are defined according to the Common European Language Framework (CELF). You can refer to the CELF global scale to know more about CELF levels. Use of a textbook and workbook (provided by the Language Centre). Communicative activities using a wide range of media (audio, video, press...). Study of the language connected with active discovery of the city of Avignon and the region of Provence (meetings, interviews, treasure hunts ...). Study of the language based on individual or group projects. Language laboratory work and/or multimedia lessons. Contents : Each language course unit is built around a dominant skill : speaking, writing, reading, listening. In addition, the following course units are offered: phonetics (A1 to B1 levels): 1.30 hour per week; French culture and society: from 1.30 hour to 3 hours per week; creative writing: (for B1 or B2 levels only): 3 hours per week; history or literature (for C1 level only, during the second semester): 3 hours per week. Additional activities : Optional workshops can be offered (cinema, theatre, poetry, song ...). It is possible for students to enrol in sports or cultural activities offered at the university. Advanced students may also attend lectures at the university (e.g. history, literature, law ...) as “auditeurs libres” (subject to availability). "Auditeurs libres" attend lectures but cannot take examinations and do not receive grades. Student association Echanges, whose goal is to facilitate the integration of international students and to get local and international students to mix, offers a wide range of activities throughout the academic year (excursions, cultural events, parties etc.). Certificates and examinations : Students are assessed regularly. A transcript of records is provided at the end of the semester. They can obtain a University Diploma in French Studies (DUEF), which is worth 30 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System). Our Language Centre is a member of ADCUEFE (Association of French Language Centres in French universities). The University Diploma in French Studies is recognized by all ADCUEFE members. Fees for 2016-17 : 1 semester : € 1350, including € 600 for pre-registration. 2 semesters: € 2570, including € 900 for pre-registration. For enrolment, a cheque of € 600 for one semester or € 900 for two semesters must be sent to the Language Centre (SdL) together with the application form. The amount can be paid by international banking transfer, too. Session 1: September 12, 2016 to December 16, 2016 (1 * Welcome Week of September 5 to 9 September 2016, a placement test * Thursday, September 8, 2016 and 3 day holiday from October 26 to October 28, 2016). Session 2: January 23, 2017 May 12, 2017 (1 * host week of January 16 to 20 January 2017 a placement test * Thursday, 19 January 2017 and 2 weeks vacation from February 20 to 24 February 2017 and April 10 to April 14, 2017). [-]

DHEC Production / Distribution - taught in FRENCH

ESRA - École Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle
Campus Full time September 2017 France Paris

Fournir aux étudiants de solides bases théoriques, en matière d’économie, de droit ou d’histoire du cinéma et de l’audiovisuel, qui leur permettront, au cours de leur future vie professionnelle, d’enrichir leur perception du métier et de faciliter la prise de décision. [+]

Course Studies in France 2016/2017. OBJECTIFS Fournir aux étudiants de solides bases théoriques, en matière d’économie, de droit ou d’histoire du cinéma et de l’audiovisuel, qui leur permettront, au cours de leur future vie professionnelle, d’enrichir leur perception du métier et de faciliter la prise de décision. Intégrer les étudiants sur le marché du travail par le biais de stages, en les rendant immédiatement opérationnels et, par conséquent, attractifs pour les recruteurs du secteur. Ceci est d’autant plus important qu’il s’agit d’un secteur fonctionnant essentiellement par réseaux. DEBOUCHES PROFESSIONNELS L’objectif de la formation concerne à court terme les métiers de chargé ou assistant de production au sein d’une société de production de cinéma, assistant de programmation dans une grande chaîne hertzienne ou chargé d’études pour une autorité de régulation telle que le CSA. A terme, ils pourront envisager de travailler comme programmateur ou responsable marketing chez un distributeur de cinéma, responsable éditorial au sein d’une chaîne de télévision ou encore directeur des acquisitions pour un diffuseur, etc... PUBLICS CONCERNES Le Département des Hautes Etudes Cinématographiques s’adresse à des étudiants de niveau Bac+3, titulaires d’une Licence ou d’un diplôme de Grande Ecole, comme par exemple aux étudiants diplômés de l’ESRA. Les candidats doivent témoigner d’un intérêt marqué pour les professions du secteur cinématographique et audiovisuel. Ils devront fournir une lettre de motivation et un CV, et passer un entretien de motivation. [-]

Summer Session 2017

EIML Paris Ecole Internationale de Marketing du Luxe
Campus Full time 1 - 4 weeks June 2017 France Paris

EIML Paris offers the opportunity to international students to acquire the fundamentals and realize that Luxury is above all a unique art of know-how, products and services of which require a deep sense of quality. Thanks to our high quality training classes, your skills and competencies in the understanding of the specific codes and language of the Luxury industry will blossom. [+]

LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: Courses are taught in English Luxury Means Creation and Excellence. In all its dedicated fields - jewelry, watch making, fashion, perfumes, beauty products, hospitality and services Luxury is linked to perfection. Define Luxury is subjective; it is generally considered as luxurious all that is elegant, sophisticated and expensive. The spectrum of luxury brands ranges from world-famous brands to more confidential handcraft “Houses”. Thus, consumers of luxury products and services are concerned by both quality and standards of processing. EIML Paris EIML Paris offers a five-year higher education program from Bachelor to Master’s level specialized in Luxury Marketing. Created in collaboration with the major economic players in the luxury sector, the program provided at EIML Paris trains managers to be and is particularly suited to those seeking a career with high responsibilities in various sectors: - Purchasing: Raw material Buyer, Merchandiser Products Manager, Retail Operator, etc. - Marketing: Product Manager, Marketing Survey Consultant, E-marketing Projects Manager, Category Manager, etc. - Communication: Press and Media Officer, Event Communication Manager, Public Relations Officer, Media planner, etc. REQUIREMENTS - Candidates’ profiles can be very diverse. The most important is to care for aesthetics, perfection, be creative,have a taste for communication, possess analytical skills for patterns and trends, and be sensitive to the arts and letters. - Candidates have to show 2 years of successful higher education or having earned a Bachelor degree or an equivalent. - For non-native speakers, English proficiency proof document is needed (English tests or a recommendation letter from your current school). CERTIFICATION - A Certificate is given upon completion of all assignments such as multiple-choice questionnaire, group work,case studies. - Active class participation and company visits are mandatory. - Students can earn 2 to 8 ECTS (European credits) for the courses taken during the Summer Session. SUMMER SESSION PROGRAM 2017 FASHION AND FASHION DESIGN INDUSTRY FROM JUNE 13th TO JUNE 17th - Fashion Market in France and Europe - Fashion and French Designers - Brand Management in Fashion and Accessories - Create your moodboard and collection - Haute Couture and Made in France know-how - French Dress Code - Merchandising - Company visits / conferences and cultural visits - Visit of Versailles Castle - Store tour in Faubourg Saint Honoré FRAGRANCE AND COSMETIC INDUSTRY FROM JUNE 20nd TO JUNE 24th - Cosmetic and Perfume Market in France and Europe - History of iconic French Perfume - Brand Management in Cosmetics and Perfume - Create your own Eau de Cologne - Consumer Behaviour and Trends - French ceremonial of Sales - Distribution in Europe and Travel Retail - Company visits / conferences and cultural visits - Merchandising tour in different perfume stores JEWELRY AND WATCHES INDUSTRY FROM JUNE 27th TO JULY 1st - Jewelry and Timepieces Market in France and Europe - History of Jewelry and Timepieces - Brand Management in Jewlery and Timepieces - Jewlery Design and Mockup - Gemology - French Etiquette and ritual - Company visits / conferences and cultural visits - Jewelry tour in Place Vendôme LUXURY HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT FROM JULY 4th TO JULY 8th - Luxury Hospitality Market in France and Europe - Focus on French Designers and Interior Design - Hospitality Brand Management - Chef Business Models and History of French Haute Gastronomie - Concierge Services - Tableware workshop - Company visits / conferences and cultural visits - Visits of 5 star hotels and palaces - Wine Tasting FEES - Administration fees: 30 € non refundable - Tuition fees for one summer module: 750 € - Fees decrease when applying for more than one module - 2 summer modules: 1350 € - 3 summer modules: 1750 € - The entire program: 2000 € [-]

Postgraduates / Executive Summer Program - Energy Management Track

Grenoble Ecole de Management
Campus Part time 10 days July 2017 France Grenoble

The objective of this Energy Management course is to present the major contemporary energy challenges and to analyze the innovative answers proposed by private actors and public regulators to face these challenges. [+]

Postgraduates / Executive Summer Program - Energy Management Track


The objective of this course is to present the major contemporary energy challenges and to analyze the innovative answers proposed by private actors and public regulators to face these challenges.


In fact new products, new services and new actors are emerging and changing the shape of competition in many energy markets, changing the business models of energy companies now competing for energy efficient solutions. The energy policy is also playing a crucial role using regulation and market design to orient and organize competition in energy markets. This course provides an analysis of these evolutions using various examples and cases of business innovations and incentive regulations. It discusses and explores what future trends might be in the light of all these changes.... [-]

Management In The Iberian And Latin American

IAE Bordeaux University School of Management
Campus Full time 1 semester September 2017 France Bordeaux

DU Management in the Iberian and Latin American is additional training for Master in International Management, which aims to promote cultural integration of students or trainees [+]

Diploma University Management in the Iberian and Latin American DU Management in the Iberian and Latin American is additional training for Master in International Management, which aims to promote cultural integration of students or trainees from training in international environments targeted by the specialty.

Training content DU Management in the Iberian and Latin American emphasis 's cultural approach Iberian and Latin American through ' language teaching business and general knowledge of political, economic social.L 'professional approach integrates preparation for maintenance hiring a development of ICT skills, as well as interventions of international management professionals, the program includes: EU Herramientos of internacionalización ... [-]

Fashion Design

Istituto Marangoni
Campus Full time 3 weeks January 2017 France Paris

Istituto Marangoni gives you the opportunity to study at Europe’s top fashion and design school. We welcome students from all over the world. In just few weeks the students, wherever they come from, do amazing progress with us [+]

Course Studies in France 2016/2017. The Course This is an introduction to the fundamentals of fashion design, and what is required to formulate ideas and translate them into a visual representation, through drawing. Participants will be equipped with the tools of the fashion designer and these will help participants to communicate ideas to their audience. Course Themes week 1 Starting from practical drawing lessons, the course will introduce the analysis of the main principles for the development of a collection: silhouette, colour charts, fabrics and accessories, through to the design and creation of outfits, as well as appropriate financial and commercial considerations. week 2 Starting from research participants will be able to develop silhouettes and coordinate outfits, drawing on personal inspiration, fabrics and colour selection, as well as referencing contemporary trends and the relevance to market. The focus on trend research, its origin and analysis will be both informative and stimulating during the whole second week. week 3 At the end of the course participants will be able to create a collection. Based on the inspiration linked to a selected theme and supported by appropriate technical files and presentation techniques, participants will make the final project coherant and contemporary. The final assessment of the collection arising from the presentation to tutors will give participants feedback on the activities undertaken during the course. [-]

Bachelor Events, Facilities & Catering Management

Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac
Campus Full time 1 year October 2016 France Savignac

Acquire managerial skills in only 10 months (having previously completed a 2-year course in hospitality management), thanks to this multicultural and multidisciplinary course delivered in English and French. Ecole de Savignac, in association with her professional and academic partners, develops a training management course leading to a degree delivered by Ecole de Savignac: Bachelor in Events, Facilities & Catering Management. Degree prepared and awarded by Ecole de Savignac. [+]


This course provides you theoretical and practical skills to build your professional career in hospitality, events and facilities areas.  The multidisciplinary approach encourages you to develop your adaptability and reactivity.


By the end of this course, taught in English and in French, you will be awarded a French Degree and you will have earned 64 ECTS credits (European Credits Transfer System).If you wish to continue, you may progress to an MBA.



Career Opportunities

List of possible positions available to those who wish to start their professional career:

Banqueting and Conference Manager Director's Assistant Manager of specialist boutiques Assistant manager of a fast food outlet Butler Assistant Manager of a masscatering compagny Middle manager in hotel or restaurant chain Restaurant Manager [-]

4 Week English Language Program

Paris American Academy, School of Fashion and Interior Design
Campus Full time Part time 4 weeks September 2017 France Paris + 1 more

The English Language Institute at Paris American Academy (ELI PAA) offers full and part-time English programs for nonnative speakers. All classes are led by highly experienced ESL teachers with graduate degrees and specialized training in teaching English [+]


The English Language Institute at Paris American Academy (ELI PAA) offers full and part-time English programs for nonnative speakers. All classes are led by highly experienced ESL teachers with graduate degrees and specialized training in teaching English to speakers of other languages. Our superior pedagogical approach integrates our intercultural knowledge to not only improve general linguistic and communicative skills in English, but also prepare students for academic studies in France and beyond.

At ELI PAA, we believe that the best path to language acquisition is to create a well-balanced teaching method that develops both the receptive and productive skills. Our interactive leaner-centered program focuses on activities that are specifically designed to improve conversation skills, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, listening, reading, and writing. All classes are designed to explore interesting themes through media, group activities, role-plays, games, discussions, and presentations. Topics include pop-culture, current events, phrasal verbs, and idiomatic expressions. Our students gain fluency and confidence in a fun and dynamic environment!... [-]

Course - Space Policy

International Space University
Campus Full time 12 days September 2017 France Strasbourg

It will emphasize the interaction between economy, law and policy, three factors which are inherently linked in space activities. [+]

Space Policy Program

Space Odyssey Institute

Program Highlights

The theme of the Space Odyssey Institute (SOI) 2013 is Space Policy. It will emphasize the interaction between economy, law and policy, three factors which are inherently linked in space activities. Lectures will cover fields such as international law, space treaties and UN activities in space, international policy, liability law, natinonal space policies, regulations and outlook, political economy, communication policy, technology transfer policies, space and security and many more.


The Space Odyssey Institute is based on the premise that leadership requires constant renewal. Vision of the future, understanding of current opportunities, and of the rich diversity of talent available to an increasingly international space sector requires leaders to explore new directions and interact with their peers. Unfortunately the burdens of responsibility often work to isolate leadership, rather than to renew it. The Space Odyssey Institute focuses on a different issue of emerging importance each year, and provides professional renewal for its participants while increasing the space sector's understanding of important new trends.... [-]

French - General Language Skills

Eurocentres - Language schools
Campus Full time 2 - 52 weeks September 2017 France Paris

Deepen your knowledge of the language and develop your confidence. This programme will enable you to further practice your language skills [+]

General Language Skills

Deepen your knowledge of the language and develop your confidence. This programme will enable you to further practice your language skills, especially speaking and writing. There will also be an opportunity to work on grammar points and pronunciation issues you have difficulty with.

Language Level: 0-9 (A1-C1)

Focus: General language training

Duration (in weeks): 2-52

Max. Class Size: 14