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The Ultimate Financial Management Training Bundle, 10 Courses

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The Ultimate Financial Management Training Bundle contains 10 key courses that will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to not only find but get the most out of new career opportunties! [+]

Course Studies in Applied Finance in North America 2017. EXCLUSIVE ONLY AT KEYSTONE ACADEMY! Learn Key Financial Management Skills Suitable for any Business The Ultimate Financial Management Training Bundle contains 10 key courses that will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to not only find but get the most out of new career opportunties! This comprehensive online course bundle includes resume writing, communication strategies, self confidence, goal setting, stress management and much more! By working through this Financial Management Course package you will be able to take control of your finances or even take the performance of your accounts department to the next level. Included in this bundle is both our Budget & Financial Reports and Basic Bookkeeping courses which will give you a powerful foundation to work from, these comprehensive courses are filled with knowledge you can put straight into practice in your workplace. The Time Management and Organizational Skills courses also will give you a massive boost in your productivity while building solid organizational skills that will help you prioritize and achieve your day to day and even career goals. Finally this course bundle features a great set of Microsoft courses covering Excel 2013 & 2010 at beginner, advanced and expert levels so you can master the version of Excel you use in your workplace, you'll be the office Excel guru once you've completed these. This is an incredible opportunity to invest in yourself and your future, Sharpen Your Financial Management Skills with Courses For Success Today! Course Fast Facts: All courses are easy to follow and understand Only 6 to 8 hours of study is required per course Unlimited Lifetime Access Study as many courses as you want Delivered 100% on-line and accessible 24/7 from any computer or smartphone You can study from home or at work, at your own pace, in your own time Download printer friendly course content Certificates (IAOTS Accredited) How to study online course? Upon enrolment an automated email will be sent, advising you of our enrolment process (please check your junk email inbox if not received as this is an automated email), in order for you to access your online material, which is Available 24/7 on any computer or smart mobile device. Recognition & Accreditation These courses are internationally recognized and accredited by the International Association of Online Training Standards (IAOTS). The courses offered by Courses For Success are unique as they are taught in a step by step process enabling students to complete them quickly and easily, so that you can obtain your qualification sooner. All students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion. Courses For Success is committed to high completion rates and therefore 100% student satisfaction. Units of Study Receive Lifetime Access to Course Materials, so you can review at any time. The Ultimate Financial Management Training Bundle, 10 Courses, below is a summary of each course: Course 1 - Certificate In Budget and Financial Reports Online Course Back Your Business with Bulletproof Finance Understanding Financial Statements Balance Sheets Income Statements (AKA Profit and Loss Statements) Annual Reports Analysing Financial Statements Income Ratios Profitability Ratios Liquidity Ratios Working Capital Ratios Bankruptcy Ratios Long - Term Analysis Ratios Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) Understanding Budgets Common types of budgets What information do I need? Who should be involved? What should a budget look like? Budgeting Made Easy Computer based methods Advanced Forecasting Technigues Managing the Budget How to tell if you're on track Should your budget be updated Keeping a diary of lessons learned When to panic Making Smart Purchasing Decisions A Glimpse into the Legal World Course 2 -Certificate In Basic Bookkeeping Online Course Understand and Implement Basic Bookkeeping Principles Basic terminology Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Inventory Payroll Accounting Methods Differences between Cash and Accrual Cash Management Keeping track of your business Understanding the balance sheet Types of Assets Types of Liabilities Equity Other financial statements Income Statement Cash Flow Statement Capital Statement Budget vs Actual Payroll accounting / terminology End of period procedures Financial Planning, budgeting and control Reasons for Budgeting Creating a Budget Comparing Budget to Actual Expenses Auditing Course 3 - Certificate In Time Management Online Course Better manage your time to be the highest achiever Create SMARTER Goals Prioritizing Your Goals Visualize your Goals-Visualization Setting SMART goals Prioritizing your time The 80/20 Rule Being Assertive...Saying “NO” to Requests you can’t meet. Planning wisely Using To Do List Tackling procrastination Why We Procrastinate Nine Ways to Overcome Procrastination Crisis management When Crisis you have a Contingency Plan? Creating a Plan Executing the Plan Organizing your workspace De-Clutter Managing Workflow Dealing with etiquette Using Calendars Delegating made easy Setting a ritual Metting management Alternatives to meetings Course 4 - Certificate In Organizational Skills Online Course Achieve Your Goals By Being Organized and Productive Just do it You dont have to keep everything Three boxes: Keep, donate and trash A place for everything and everything in it's place Prioritize Write it down Urgent / Important Matrix Divide tasks 80/20 rule Scheduling your time Have a master calendar Setting deadlines Remove or limit the time wasters Coping with things outside of your control To do lists Use a day planner Finish what you start Focus on the important Do quick tasks immediately Paper and paperless storage Find a system that works for you Make it consistent Make it time sensitive Setting up archives Organization in your work area Tools to fight procrastination Remove distractions Give yourself a reward Break up large tasks Organising your inbox Setting delivery rules Folder and message hierachy Deal with email right away Flag and highlight important item Avoid the causes of disorganization Discipline is the key to staying organized Stay within your systems Learn to say No Have organisiation be part of your life Plan for tomorrow, today Courses 5 & 6 - Certificate In Excel 2010 & Certificate In Essentials 2013 Online Course Learn the basics of the best version of excel for you Opening Excel Opening Excel Understanding the Interface Using Backstage View Understanding Worksheets Understanding Workbooks Working with the interface Your first worksheet An Overview of Excel’s Views Switching Views Creating Custom Views Using Zoom Switching Between Open Files Viewing Excel data Building formulas Using Excel funcations Formulas vs. Functions Using the SUM Function Using Other Basic Excel Functions Understanding the Formulas Tab Using the Status Bar to Perform Calculations Understanding the New Function Names Using quick analysis Formatting your data Using styles, themes and effects Printing and sharing your workbook Course 7 & 8 - Certificate In Excel 2010 & Certificate In Advanced 2013 Online Course Learn advanced excel features Insert SmartArt Add text to a diagram Resize and move a diagram Reset a diagram Understand the contextual tabs Add pictures from your computer Add Clip Art Add text boxes Draw shapes Trace precedent cells Trace dependents of a cell Display formulas within the sheet Work with comments Insert a chart Use the Chart Tools tab Understand the parts of a chart Change the chart style Resize and move a chart Insert a Pivot Table Use the Pivot Table Tools tab Choose fields and group data in a Pivot Table Change Pivot Table data and refresh the view Apply a Style to a Pivot table Use Real-life examples in a Pivot Table Create a Pivot Chart from a Pivot Table Create a Pivot Chart from Data Display the Developer tab and much more. Grouping and outlining data Courses 9 & 10 - Certificate In Excel 2010 & Certificate In Expert 2013 Online Short Course Working with Permissions and Options Marking Workbook as Final Protecting the Current Sheet or the Workbook Structure Saving a Workbook as an Excel Template Editing a Shared Workbook Performing Advanced Formula and Function Tasks About the Excel Calculation Process Enabling or Disabling Automatic Workbook Calculations Using the IFERROR Function to Evaluate Formulas Working with Array Formulas Creating One-Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Constants Creating a Simple Array Creating an Advanced Array Working with Date and Time Functions Working with Financial Functions Working with Text Functions Working with Cube Functions Working with Statistical Functions Running a Macro by Clicking an Area of a Graphic Object Configuring a Macro to Run Automatically Upon Opening the Workbook Changing a Macro Using a Data Form Using a List Box Control Using a Combo Box Control Using a Spin Button Control Using a Scroll Bar Control Applying Advanced Chart Features Working with PivotTables and PivotCharts Using the Automated Analysis Tools Add-In And much more! Requirements Entry requirements Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills. Minimum education Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course. Computer requirements Students will need access to a computer and the internet. Minimum specifications for the computer are: Windows: Microsoft Windows XP, or later Modern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) MAC/iOS OSX/iOS 6 or later Modern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) All systems Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or faster Flash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities(Currently Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) Students will also need access the following applications: Adobe Acrobat Reader [-]