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Courses are academic classes taught by qualified instructors that are intended to enhance participant’s knowledge of a given area or training in a particular discipline. Courses vary broadly in terms of length, size, content and duration.

An esthetician is a licensed professional who works with people at improving and maintaining healthy skin. These individuals can work with individuals who need acne treatment or work in a spa setting.

Education in the United States is mainly provided by the public sector, with control and funding coming from three levels: state, local, and federal, in that order. The common requirements to study at a higher education level in United States will include your admissions essay (also known as the statement of purpose or personal statement), transcript of records, recommendation/reference letters, language tests

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Course in Full Specialist with Salon Management

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Campus Full time 900 hours September 2017 USA Lake Park

The Full Specialist with Salon Management program combines two disciplines to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to work in a wide range of capacities throughout the beauty and health industry. Students develop proficiencies in skin care, makeup, nail technology, and client consultation. [+]

Course Studies in Esthetician in North Miami Beach in USA. (Offered at the Hialeah, Miami, Homestead & South Beach campuses) Program Objective To prepare students to meet the State of Florida mandated requirements to become a licensed Full Specialist. CLOCK HOURS: 900 Program Description The Full Specialist with Salon Management program combines two disciplines to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to work in a wide range of capacities throughout the beauty and health industry. Students develop proficiencies in skin care, makeup, nail technology, and client consultation. Further training includes facets of career and business management. Program Requirements HIV104 HIV/AIDS (4 Hours) BMU101 MAKEUP (36 Hours) NT101 PROFESSIONAL IMAGE (25 Hours) NT102 NAIL TIPS & WRAPS (25 Hours) NT103 UV GELS (25 Hours) NT104 ARTIFICAL NAIL REMOVAL (10 Hours) NT105 MONOMER LIQUIDS & POLYMER POWDER (25 Hours) NT106 NAIL FILL-INS (10 Hours) NT107 NAIL DISEASES & DISORDERS (25 Hours) NT108 INFECTIOUS CONTROL: PRINCIPLES & PRACTICES (25 Hours) NT109 FLORIDA LAW FOR NAILS (5 Hours) NT110 POLISH & NAIL ART (11 Hours) NT111 MANICURING (25 Hours) NT112 PEDICURING (25 Hours) SKI101 ETHICS (2 Hours) SKI102 PRODUCT CHEMISTRY (10 Hours) SKI103 HAIR REMOVAL (8 Hours) SKI104 BASICS OF ELECTRICITY (10 Hours) SKI105 SANITATION (14 Hours) SKI106 FLORIDA LAWS FOR SKIN (5 Hours) SKI107 SKIN THEORY, DISEASES & DISORDERS OF THE SKIN (85 Hours) SKI108 FACIAL TECHNIQUES & CONTRAINDICATIONS (130 Hours) SKI109 ADVANCED FACIAL TECHNIQUES (30 Hours) SKI110 ADVANCED FACIAL DEVICES (30 Hours) SKI111 ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES (30 Hours) SKI112 AYURVEDA THEORY & TREATMENTS (30 Hours) SKI113 BOTANICALS & AROMATHERAPY (30 Hours) SKI114 ADVANCED SKINCARE MASSAGE(30 Hours) SKI115 SPA TREATMENTS (30 HOURS) SKI116 SALON & SPA MANAGEMENT (150 HOURS) Services Required EYELASH APPLICATION (10 Services) FACIALS (40 Services) HAIR REMOVAL (20 Services) LASH & BROW TINTING (10 Services) MAKEUP APPLICATION (10 Services) MANUAL EXTRACTIONS (5 Services) SET/USE/MAINTAIN ELECTRICAL DEVICES (5 Services) ADVANCED HAIR DEVICES (10 Services) ADVANCED HAIR REMOVAL (10 Services) ARTIFICIAL NAIL REMOVAL (5 Services) EVENTS (3 Services) MANICURE (20 Services) NAIL FILL-INS (10 Services) NAIL WRAPS AND/OR MENDING (10 Services) PEDICURE (10 Services) POLISHING & NAIL ART (10 Services) SCULPTING USING A FORM (15 Services) TIPS WITH OVERLAY (15 Services) SANITATION (215 Services) All hours and services are those required by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Note: All programs are taught in a cycle. Students are able to start at any point of the cycle and still fulfill all program requirements. Books Milady’s Standard Esthetics Fundamentals and Milady’s Standard Nail Technology Textbooks. Equipment / Materials Students will receive a uniform, an equipment bag, and a skincare, nail and makeup kit with all the necessary instruments and materials to perform the required services. Graduation After a student completes 900 hours, services, exams and fulfills all financial obligations to the school, a certificate will be awarded. Completion Time Completion time depends on the number of hours the student attends weekly. Based on a 25 hour per week schedule, the normal time frame of completion would be 8 months. Method of Payment Tuition and fee payments may be arranged on a weekly or monthly basis. The first payment is due on the first day of class, and on the same day of every week or month thereafter. Federal Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. Gainful Employment The Higher Education Act of 1965 requires proprietary and vocational colleges to provide an eligible program of training to prepare students for Gainful Employment. Below you will find information for related occupations listed for Full Specialist with Salon Management. The web link will provide information for tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, work activities, work context, job zone, education, interests, work styles, work values, related occupations, wages and employment trends, other sources and additional information. Also included is the on-time graduation rate, tuition, fees, room and board, books and supplies, job placement rate, and median loan debt incurred. CIP Code: 12.0409 CIP Description: Aesthetician/Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist Full Specialist with Salon Management includes occupations such as Skin Care Specialists, Manicurists, Pedicurists and First-Line supervisors/Managers of Personal Service Workers. SOC Code: 39-5094 SOC Description: Skin Care Specialists SOC Code: 39-5092 SOC Description: Manicurists and Pedicurists SOC Code: 39-1021 SOC Description: First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Personal Service Workers Cost of Attendance for the entire program: Tuition Fees Books & Supplies Total $12,042.17 $100.00 $849.50 $12,991.67 Room & Board Total with Room & Board $9,549.00 $22,540.67 Overall Placement Rate: 84.25% On-time Graduation Rate: 63% Note: The placement rate was calculated using the accrediting agency formula. Students borrowing for the Full Specialist with Salon Management program have a median loan total indebtedness of $9318.50. Monthly payments for the Direct Loan program must start at $50.00. To calculate your monthly repayment amount for your total student loan borrowed you can access Median Loan Debt for Private Educational Loans after graduation: N/A Median Loan Debt for Institutional Loan debt after graduation: N/A [-]