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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A course refers to a specialized study program. It usually takes place on campus but can be delivered online. Courses are popular for people who want to get specific knowledge in one subject.

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Entrepreneurship Center And Internationalization

Campus March 2017 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

Entrepreneurship and Internationalisation Centre is a set of cells and projects that give the student Ibmec an environment to exercise their skills and abilities, with freedom and autonomy. [+]

Best Part time Course Studies in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017. CIS Entrepreneurship and Internationalisation Centre is a set of cells and projects that give the student Ibmec an environment to exercise their skills and abilities, with freedom and autonomy. It is a testing center that moves the walls between the market and the gym. The ERC welcomes students already from the first half to work adaptability and leadership teams forming and managing the cells. We start from the blank sheet to form the protagonists of the world. The student also has the possibility to add value to their education building an international experience. Agreements signed with educational institutions in 20 countries offer exchanges and partnerships that empower students with new experiences aligned to what happens in the universe. junior companies In Ibmec, the student refines professional skills in direct contact with business processes. theoretical and practical knowledge to write your professional history. social entrepreneurship Undertake a connected planet causing a positive impact on reality. The Social Ibmec is a nonprofit organization that develops socio-entrepreneurial projects with an emphasis on poor communities of Rio de Janeiro, seeing possibilities, acting and allowing progress. internationalization Educate with excellence in a borderless world means empowering professionals to work across the globe. Ibmec is part of DeVry Education Group, one of the world's largest, with headquarters in Chicago and 85 years old. The participation of an international provider is more a connection in the training of our students now have an expanded range of international benefits. Products and services Services with different types of duration and certification that suit your learning objectives. Know that the ERC offer to build their international experience: EXCHANGES: more than 50 partner institutions in 20 countries with offers related to all areas of undergraduate and masters programs. SEMESTER ABROAD: graduation, make exchanges in DeVry universities in the United States taking advantage of all disciplines to attend in their school history. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES: participate in conferences to Silicon Valley (USA), Boston College (USA) and China know more about the culture of startups and entrepreneurship. ENGLISHPRO: English course subsidized by Ibmec leading the student from basic to proficient in a primary language. [-]

Startup Crash Course: From Idea to Reality

TU Berlin Summer & Winter University
Campus 4 weeks January 2017 Germany Berlin

Startup launch, Business plan implementation, entrepreneurship in Berlin. [+]

January 3rd to 27th, 2017 Course price: 1.850 Euros 18 hours of class sessions per week, 5 ECTS credit points Topic Startup launch, Business plan implementation, entrepreneurship in Berlin. Target group Anyone who: wants to launch a startup and has an idea already, but doesn’t know where to start; wants to know more about the dynamics of entrepreneurship in order to decide whether he/she would like to become involved in the startup scene; wants to develop his/her skills in business planning. Learning Goal/Output To be able to form a business plan; To know which steps to undertake in order to launch a business; To be aware of entrepreneurial dynamics and the startup scene structure. Course Components Lectures, case studies, interaction with real players, field trips to startup centers, writing a business plan. There will be 18 hours of class sessions per week. Short Description This course is intended to offer real knowledge of how to go about launching a startup. It will have three main parts: the structured approach, communication and real-time experimentation. The structured approach will be given through lectures and serve as a compass. Communication will come from interaction with startup scene members and on-site visits. Real-time experiment will consist of writing a business plan and scheduling the next steps. Those who develop a successful business plan may be put in contact with Berlin business incubators. Prerequisites The general prerequisites of the TU Berlin Summer University are: at least one year of university experience + English level B2 or equivalent. Lecturer(s) Daria Markova, MBA and MA in Economics, Project leader / Coordinator of the Summer School Daria Markova is active member of the Berlin startup scene. She started her career in the corporate world, later moved to business and community development roles in entrepreneurial projects. Now she is a co-founder of a coworking space in West Berlin. Her main goal is to enable you to bring your ideas into life. [-]

Spring Program: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

National Taiwan University College of Management
Campus 3 weeks March 2017 Taiwan Taipei

National Taiwan University’s Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Spring Program is a three-week program taught in English offered by the College of Management and provides students with a unique and exciting opportunity to study and learn in Taiwan. [+]

Best Part time Course Studies in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017. Program Overview National Taiwan University’s Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Spring Program is a three-week program taught in English offered by the College of Management and provides students with a unique and exciting opportunity to study and learn in Taiwan. Students will obtain business knowledge and explore Asian economic trends as well as experience the management practices in Greater China. The program aims to help students turn theory into practice, ambition into purpose, and potential into achievement. Courses Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from an Asian Perspective (2 Credits) Innovation management can include a variety of topics. In this course, we will focus on the most recent trends in three key areas – exploring human value, formulating business strategy, and developing technology platform for innovation. The course utilizes lectures, case studies, group exercises, guest speeches, company visits, and a group project to facilitate learning. Through taking this course, students are expected to achieve the following two goals: To develop a basic understanding of innovation management and relevant functional fields in business administration; To acquire knowledge and hand-on experience on how to explore human value, how to formulate business strategy, and how to develop technology platform for innovation management and entrepreneurship. *Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive an academic transcript. If you wish to have your credits approved, please consult with your home institution in advance. Core Classes Module 1: Product Innovation & Opportunity Identification Module 2: Leadership & Sustainable Entrepreneurship Module 3: Value Chain Innovation & Platform Strategy Course Wrap-Up Outdoor Getaway and Activities To supplement learning in class lectures, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Spring Program has designed a number of off-campus activities, including cultural events and field trips. In addition, students will also visit quite a few famous Taiwanese Enterprises. Convenient Location in the Heart of Taipei NTU is located in the heart of Taipei and is convenient for students to make the most of their spring in the capital of Taiwan. Taipei is a vibrant metropolis characterized by its friendly people and safe streets. With its classy malls, chic boutiques, stylish restaurants and cafes and cultural events, Taipei is a fascinating place to visit and live and offers a wide range of opportunities and activities for students. All-Inclusive Program Fee The program fee includes tuition, lecture materials, airport transportation service, orientation, accommodation, cultural events, company visits and field trips. The fee does not include international transportation to Taipei, Taiwan. Students will need to make their own arrangements. Who May Apply International students (including overseas Chinese) currently studying at a domestic or international university and college graduates are eligible to apply. Incoming exchange/degree students at NTU are also welcome to apply. Applicants must be able to provide college transcripts or proof of current/past college enrollment. Application is first-come first-served and we will not accept any more students when the program has reached its limit. English Language Requirement Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Spring Program courses are conducted in English. Students whose first language is not English should have at least an intermediate or above level of English proficiency. Contact Us Ms. Thera Tu Email: Ms. Cola Sung Email: Duration & Price This course is Campus Based Start Date: March 7, 2017 Duration: 3 weeks [-]

Short course - Entrepreneurship

European School of Economics
Campus 3 - 6 months January 2017 USA New York Italy Rome Milan Florence Spain Madrid United Kingdom London + 7 more

The Short Course in Entrepreneurship & Leadership‘s main objective is to develop participants’ entrepreneurial skills and behaviour. [+]

The Short Course in Entrepreneurship & Leadership‘s main objective is to develop participants’ entrepreneurial skills and behaviour. The modules are designed for those individuals willing to utilise and further develop their own creative potential aiming selfdevelopment and as a consequence to grow and further develop their current and future businesses opportunities. Entrepreneurship is a practical concept. That is the reason we designed modules based on case study methodology and interactive team work activities exploring diversity of participants background. Models and framework derived from multiple global case studies are utilised as tools to unleash participants’ insights leading to sustainable learning. Next Starting Dates: January / April / September The course is made up of 4 modules (modules may be subject to change and may vary according to the ESE center): Entrepreneurial Management and Ethical Leadership Creating and Re-creating Corporate Entrepreneurial Culture International Business Decision Making E-Business and E-Commerce Course Duration: 3 months = 120 in-class hours + revision/reading week + exam week Internship (optional): 3 months Internship (optional) Students who intend to participate in an internship must first undergo an assessment by the ESE Placement Officer. Upon being deemed eligible, host companies will be decided together with the Placement Officer who will assist the student in obtaining an internship at the company of choice. Candidates must submit a CV and undergo a successful interview for their acceptance. Course structure Each module holds a weekly 3-hour class (total 12 hours per week, Monday to Friday) Assessment Mid Term Assessment (30%) Final Assessment (70%) Entry requirements: Application form High School or Undergraduate Degree Diploma Résumé / CV (include reference to all previous education) Personal Statement Intermediate command of the English language (TOEFL/IELTS is a plus) Photocopy of passport / ID document Three passport-sized photographs Non-refundable € 50.00 online application fee Internship programme: Students will undergo an assessment with the ESE Placement Officer, so as to determine their eligibility for an internship placement. The placement office will assist eligible students in obtaining an internship fitting their profile and career objectives. Credits & Recognition: No ECTS credits awarded. Upon completion of the programme, students receive a Certificate of Attendance awarded by the European School of Economics. [-]

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Education Innovation Network (BE.IN)
Campus 6 weeks October 2017 USA East New York

Brooklyn is a center of innovation. Spend six weeks in Brooklyn learning about innovation and entrepreneurship with the Brooklyn Education Innovation Network (BE.IN) and some of the most innovative startups firms in the United States. [+]

Best Part time Course Studies in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017. Program Description: Brooklyn is a center of innovation. Spend six weeks in Brooklyn learning about innovation and entrepreneurship with the Brooklyn Education Innovation Network (BE.IN) and some of the most innovative startups firms in the United States. Brooklyn innovators believe that innovation does not happen in a vacuum; it is the result of engaged minds from different backgrounds working together to find creative solutions. With more than 1,500 startups in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, Brooklyn is the destination for new and growing companies. Learn from top lecturers at BE.IN member universities, hear from leading entrepreneurs throughout New York City about how they got started, visit successful companies that have grown from a small staff to a large enterprise, and spend six weeks shadowing companies and learning their day-to-day operations. The program will consist of lectures, workshops, visits to top companies, and cultural excursion to learn more about Brooklyn and New York City’s vast history. Program Goals Learn about New York City’s entrepreneurial and innovation economy Tour small and large companies and hear from executives about how they got started Hear from leading faculty from BE.IN member institutions about what it takes to start a new company, how to get funding, and other nuisances of being an entrepreneur Engage with current student interns and employees who work for startup companies Network with professionals in finance, education, business, technology, and social entrepreneurship to build your global community that can be a resource to you Visit major universities, colleges, and a law school to learn about U.S. higher education and the innovation that takes place at these institutions Structure of the Program Every day you will discover what entrepreneurship and innovation is through different lenses. After the first week of the program participants will be paired with companies to shadow and learn about what it takes be an entrepreneur. A sample of the program focus is below: Sample Weekly Schedule - Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 8:00 a.m. Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast 9:00 a.m. Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Excursion Excursion 12:00 p.m. Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch 1:00 p.m. *Visit to Google or shadow company Free time *Visit to NYC Public Library or shadow company Free time *Visit to Brooklyn Navy Yard or shadow company Free time Free time 6:00 p.m. Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner 8:00 p.m. Meeting with students from NYU Meeting with employees who work at startups Broadway Show Meeting with students + faculty Movie Night in NYC Free time Free time *After the first week you will be matched with a company to shadow and learn from. Duration Brooklyn’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program will last for six weeks during the fall. The program begins on October 3, 2016 and concludes on November 14, 2016. Program Curators Dr. Duleep Deosthale Co-Founder, AdmissionTable More than 20 years of international education experience. World traveler, multi- lingual, sports fan, enjoys developing students into future educational leaders. Dr. Eddie Summers Executive Director, Brooklyn Education Innovation Network (BE.IN). More than 10 years of higher education experience. Started BE.IN and has a history of starting new projects and spinning them off. A true education entrepreneur. Mr. Ryan McAllister Director of Operations, Brooklyn Education Innovation Network (BE.IN). Student Affairs expert. Mr. McAllister has spent his career working in student affairs focusing on leadership, academic advising, and student life issues. He is a leader in the innovation economy, working at Columbia University with student groups that work with startups. About Brooklyn’s College Town Downtown Brooklyn is Brooklyn’s College Town. 60,000+ students. 11,000 faculty and staff. 10 BE.IN Colleges and Universities. Downtown Brooklyn is the fastest growing downtown in America, the third largest business district in New York City, and sits within the Brooklyn Tech Triangle – the City’s largest hub for tech and innovation outside of Manhattan. About the Brooklyn Tech Triangle The Brooklyn Tech Triangle is made up of Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. These three neighborhoods combine to become a magnet for creativity, culture and innovation in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Tech Triangle has become a magnet for the world’s pioneering, energetic, and creative entrepreneurs and has emerged as the City’s largest cluster of tech activity outside of Manhattan, with nearly 10% of the sector calling this area home in 2013. A recent study indicated that the Brooklyn Tech Triangle innovation economy and Brooklyn are both hotter than ever. The number of innovation firms in the area now exceeds a 2013 projection and is now home to more than 1,350 innovation companies – 22% more than three years ago. In the last two years, companies like Etsy, Huge, MakerBot, Crye Precision, and Steiner Studios have grown significantly. The Tech Triangle has also attracted many new and expanding companies – startups like goTenna, Honeybee Robotics, and Sartorous; and companies from the West Coast and other countries like SolarCity, Lemon Squeeze, and Breather are looking to have a major New York presence. FAQs Brooklyn is a center of innovation. Spend six weeks in Brooklyn learning about innovation and entrepreneurship with the Brooklyn Education Innovation Network (BE.IN) and some of the most innovative startups firms in the United States. Program Deadline: August 15, 2016 Fees and Price: $6,000 includes accommodation, cost of the program, select meals and excursions. Program Type and Duration: Short-term academic program focused on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Study Place: Brooklyn, New York - The Center of Innovation! Funding: At this time funding is not available. How to Apply: Please use the contact form on this page Language: English [-]

Hybrid StartUp Internship Dublin

Corkscrew Startup School
Campus 28 days July 2017 Ireland Dublin

Join us for a unique 28 Day Hybrid StartUp Internship and develop your creativity, initiative and leadership skills by learning about business startup at one of the city’s most innovative cowork spaces [+]

Join us for a unique 28 Day Hybrid StartUp Internship and develop your creativity, initiative and leadership skills by learning about business startup at one of the city’s most innovative cowork spaces. Invest In Your Future Learn an entrepreneurial mindset and become ultra-employable. Travel To Dublin Join Facebook and Google in one of Europe’s most entrepreneurial capitals. Hybrid Internship A blend of study abroad and work experience in a startup environment. The Hybrid ‘StartUp’ Internship We believe Internship Programs should be more than just work experience, that’s why we’ve developed our unique Hybrid StartUp Internship to focus on developing key employability skills through the world of StartUps. Our innovative program blends work experience at one of the most entrepreneurial cowork spaces in Dublin with practical training on how to create a feasible business idea and take it to market with minimal risk and investment. With personal mentorship, hands-on training and excellent feedback you can trust us to deliver a program that’s perfect for you. What’s a Hybrid StartUp Internship? At Corkscrew we feel that Internship providers have a commitment to develop interns to their full capacity and that the experience is more than just an organisations name on a resume. Since 2011 we have been developing a unique program that uses practical work experience and startup training to best develop participants professional and personal attributes within entrepreneurial environments. We want to show you that starting a business is for everyone. The vital skills that you learn when starting a business venture can be applied into all aspects of working life, no matter whether you’re bound for employment, education or entrepreneurship. The StartUp Training Our unique EU accredited StartUp Training Program takes you through an entrepreneurial journey from how to spark that initial creative idea to testing it’s business feasibility and kickstarting with minimal resources. We use the latest concepts and theories with practical challenges to develop the core skills of a startup professional including Creative Problem Solving, Initiative and Leadership Skills. The StartUp training is the perfect introduction into the world of entrepreneurship and will introduce you into the unique and innovative world of Corkscrew Thinking. The Work Experience Real time work experience is the most critical element of traditional internships, so on our Hybrid StartUp Internships we make sure that you ditch the photocopying and only work on key business projects for our selected businesses. As all businesses are residents at the selected cowork location you’ll get the opportunity to not only work with your selected business, but also network with business owners and entrepreneurs from a range of industries and sectors from finance to fashion. The Coworking Space For anything to grow and blossom you need the perfect environment, that’s why we have made the decision to run all of our unique Hybrid StartUp Internships from innovative cowork spaces in some of the worlds most entrepreneurial cities. The diversity of residents and energy from the selected coworking spaces provides the ideal location to stimulate creative thinking and startup opportunities whilst on the program. You will get the chance to network and learn from experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals across varied sectors. In Your Free Time Outside of the program, our participants often like to combine their experience with visits and experiences across Ireland. While you’ll be working hard on creative challenges during the week, remember that the weekends are your own and you are free to travel wherever you like. Whatever you decide on, the Corkscrew mentors are happy to help out with any travel plans you make. So why not take some time out and experience the best of Irish culture? Program Statistics 28 Day Hybrid StartUp Internship Abroad in Dublin, Ireland Suitable for any person with an interest in entrepreneurship and business startup Learn the vital skills needed for employment, entrepreneurship and further education Suitable for any career focus including hospitality, business, tourism, HR and marketing Our past participants have given us overwhelmingly positive feedback and an overall experience rating of 98.3% Long term support available for those going into entrepreneurship A fun and worthwhile travel experience for candidates of all backgrounds StartUp Training Camp Each day of the Hybrid StartUp Internship will bring new challenges and practical experiences through The Startup Training elements including a range of different activities, games, workshops, presentations and other creative exercises to get you thinking and learning effectively. The approach we take is to provide as much practical experience with business as we can and we take a very unique approach to other business courses. Some exercises will be lead by the mentor, while others carry a heavy emphasis on group and self learning. Be prepared to try new things, make mistakes and learn a lot along the way! The Work Experience On any form of Internship relevant work experience is a vital part of the learning and development process, on our Hybrid StartUp Internship we hand pick cowork residents for project work that will challenge participants in a real world experience. We have removed the photocopying, coffee making and general office duties normally assigned to interns and replaced them with client project work that provides tangible work experience for your resume. You will work in small teams over the 4 weeks on a consultancy basis for your selected client providing a real sense of ownership of the work you complete. What You’ll Develop Consulting Experience Learn how to work with a client from developing strong business connections to understanding the key elements of their business. You’ll improve confidence in dealing with experienced business professionals and improve networking abilities. Project Management Learn fundamental business project management skills including planning, time management, communication and working to deadlines. Technical Skills Learn a range of technical skills needed to fulfil the real time work project from analysing competitors and customer targets to developing and advising on SEO and online marketing campaigns. Resume and Self Brand Improve your professional skill set and learn vital employability and networking techniques that will help you stand out from the competition including boosting your resume and understanding how to promote your self-brand. [-]