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Engineering & Technology

Courses are academic classes taught by qualified instructors that are intended to enhance participant’s knowledge of a given area or training in a particular discipline. Courses vary broadly in terms of length, size, content and duration.

Bachelor’s in Engineering are concerned with the practical applications of the advancements in scientific, economic and social theories. It follows a process of observation, design, implementation and maintenance of solutions for all kinds of problems and issues. The discipline encompasses a great variety of fields and students are bound to find a degree they like.

Spain (Spanish: España) is a diverse country sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is considered an exotic country in Europe due to its friendly inhabitants and relaxed lifestyle. The normal duration for University courses in Spain is 4 years, except Medicine and the double degrees, which are 6. Madrid and Barcelona are well known cities around world for its cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and world-famous folklore and festivities.

Málaga city has a rich history that goes back over 2,000 years. It is located in the Province of Málaga and has over 500,000 inhabitants. The city has mountains to its north and a harbor is its south.

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Course - Computer Security

Campus Universitario Europeo
Online Full time Part time 6 months September 2017 Spain Málaga + 1 more

The increased use of computers and communication systems that store, process and share large amounts of information is being dramatically in [+]

Course - Computer Security The increasing use of computers and communication systems that store, process and share large amounts of information is being dramatically in recent years. This fact causes, increasingly, a larger number of organizations consider their information and technology associated with it, as one of your most important assets. In the same manner as required for the other assets of the company, the quality requirements and information security are indispensable. The company management should establish a security system suitable to support and ensure correct operation of the business processes. Moreover, today there are laws such as the Protection of Personal Data, to require compliance with a set of minimum security measures to protect the infor- formation of people. These laws, today, affecting almost all companies. This course aims to address computer security in the business analyzing the possible hazards and measures to be implemented to ensure the proper functioning of the systems and and their protection.... [-]