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A course is a great way for students to delve into a specific field of study and, in some cases, earn credit toward a degree or certificate. It may typically entail reading, assignments and tests related to the subject at hand.
What is a course in consultancy? This is a class that is a focused exploration of the field and practice of consulting, including its conventions, theoretical basis and applications. Students can expect the course to cover topics such as field-specific consulting, business development for consultants and best practices for professionals in the field. Some schools offer internship opportunities in conjunction with such a course to give students experience applying the skills.
This course can benefit students’ careers by providing needed education for promotions or higher level positions. Learning about consultancy can endow students with the confidence and leadership skills to succeed in other areas, too.
The expense of such a course may be determined by factors such as the location of the school and duration of the course. In order to get an accurate estimate of all applicable costs, you should inquire with the admissions office.
The most obvious career choice for students who study consultancy is working either independently or for a company as a consultant. The specific career path you pursue may depend on what other areas you study and are interested in. You may, for example, specialize in business consulting or you may hone your expertise in educational consulting. You can apply your knowledge by pursuing jobs in either of these fields or take the aforementioned route and establish your own consulting company to advise clients and develop relationships.
You may be able to enroll in a course in consultancy through an online degree program that certain schools offer. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Reinvent Sale: Consultative Selling & Trading

laSalle Barcelona Postgraduate
Campus Full time September 2017 Spain Barcelona

In this program, we suggest you improve your business skills using consultative selling, sales methodology customer-focused, learning to identify their needs and how to bring you value beyond the product or service sold. [+]

Best Course Studies in Consultancy 2017. At present, given the enormous number of alternatives available to our clients, having a good product or service may not be enough to get a sale. This is because they tend to think that the best way to approach the sale is educating the customer about the features of a product or service attributes, when it is ineffective and inefficient. In this program, we suggest you improve your business skills using consultative selling, sales methodology customer-focused, learning to identify their needs and how to bring you value beyond the product or service sold. This program will take us to learn different techniques ranging understanding of the potential of our business personality, market analysis, detection of needs, the communication process and the loyalty of our customers. What do you prepare? 1. Acquire the global vision of business planning and consultative sales process. 2. Being able to manage the different phases of the sales process (detection of needs, argumentation, objections and treatment, closure). 3. Learning to identify decision makers and specifiers of purchasing in the organization of our customers, determine their role and attitudes of purchase. 4. Increase business productivity. 5. Knowing how to increase customer loyalty. 6. Knowing how to manage time and resources available. The methodology is very participatory and intense. Explanations on sales fundamentals combined with practical application exercises using role-play of real cases that lead participants to consolidate learning through personal and group reflection. Program BLOCK 1: Vision, strategy and objectives 1. Presentation Programme 2. Customer segmentation 3. Commercial management 4. Business Planning 5. Needs 6. proactive attitude to the sale 7. Objectives work (case study) PART 2: The consultative sales process 1. Preparation of the visit - Briefing 2. Technical sales process PresentaciĆ³n soundings Smart Questions (Technical SPIN) treatment Objections Argumentation Closing Case Study (role-play) Admission One of the key development Program Masters in La Salle factors are the people who join the program: selected people responding to criteria curriculum, according to academic, functional, sectoral and geographical dimensions that foster the enrichment of the collective. The admission process in La Salle aims to select the most suitable candidates for each program and to ensure the level and quality of coexistence and communication between participants, which is a distinctive feature of the style of La Salle. The admission process for the academic year is now open and the candidates who begin the process as soon as possible because the admissions period remains open until all seats limit established for each academic program is recommended. Cost and Financing: Request information and send you a complete dossier with information on resources, banks and associates. Scholarships and grants: Request information and receive Programs Scholarships and Grants. [-]