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You can usually take higher education courses if you’re 18 or older. They’re regularly taught in universities, colleges and professional institutions such as art schools or agricultural colleges - nearly all of which have their own websites. You can get a wide range of skills, for example, diplomas, bachelor degrees, foundation degrees and post-graduate degrees.

Les cours peuvent varier de beaucoup en longueur. Certains cours à plein temps dure quelques semaines et d'autres quelques années. Certains cours à temps partiel peuvent même durer plus longtemps.

Canadians place great importance on learning, and have developed a first-rate education system with high standards. Not only does Canada provide a safe, clean environment, but it has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s best places to live in terms of quality of life by the UN.

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Commercial Pilot License

AAA Aviation Flight Academy
Campus Full time September 2017 Canada Langley

If becoming a professional pilot is your dream, you're at the right place – AAA Aviation Flight Academy, is an approved Transport Canada school. We offer a unique combination of professional training with better prices. Our flight school offers an ideal location for year-round, "learn to fly" weather and flight training. [+]

Course Studies 2016/2017 in Langley Canada. Why learn flying from AAA Aviation Academy? We offer training which is recognized throughout Canada and internationally as second to none. We have many established contacts within the aviation industry. We have exceptionally professional staff. You will be able to see for yourself their commitment and absolute love for their jobs in everything they do. Whether your career goals are in private, commercial or industry sector of aviation, we can potentially offer a growth path that can be the catalyst for a long term aviation career. Unlike other areas in Canada, Chilliwack, British Columbia is an area where a student can achieve their goal of becoming a pilot within a very short period of time; partly due to the fact weather is rarely a factor, unlike some other parts in Canada. Prerequisites: Be at least 18 years of age at the completion of course; Be the holder of a category 1 medical certificate after a medical examination by Canadian Aviation Medical Examiner. Must POSSESS a Canadian Private Pilot License Aeroplane or any contracting state. Theoretical Knowledge: Have undertaken a minimum of 80 hours of Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Ground School instruction on the following subjects (Ref: CARs 421.30) 1. AIR LAW Canadian Aviation Regulations Licensing Requirements 2. NAVIGATION Navigation Radio and Electronic Theory 3. METEOROLOGY - Meteorology 4. AERONAUTICS AND GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Airframe, Engines and Systems Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight Flight Instruments Flight Operations Human Factors and Pilot Decision-Making Upon completion of the above ground school, obtain a minimum of 60% pass mark in each of the four mandatory subjects areas and 60% overall on a written Transport Canada Examination (CPAER). This exam consists of 100 questions, multiple choice and can be written in either English or French. Practical Knowledge: 1. To hold a Commercial Pilot License, the candidate must have acquired a minimum of 200 hours flight time in aeroplanes, of which a minimum of 100 hours must be Pilot in Command (PIC) including 20 hours PIC cross country flight time. 2. A minimum of 65 hours of Commercial Pilot Flight Training in aeroplanes consisting of a minimum of (Ref: CARs 421.30) • 35 hours of dual instruction including: 5 hours night, of which 2 hours must be cross country 5 hours cross country, which can include the above night cross country 20 hours of instrument flight training of which a maximum of 10 hours can be accomplished in an approved flight training simulator 30 hours of solo flight time including o Minimum 300 NM cross-country Commercial Pilot Flight Test: Upon reaching the required skill level, the candidate will complete a Commercial Pilot Flight Test with a Transport Canada Designated Flight Test Examiner to standards outlined in the Flight Test Standard Guide (TP2655E) [-]