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A course refers to a specialized study program. It usually takes place on campus but can be delivered online. Courses are popular for people who want to get specific knowledge in one subject.

The Philippines, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. English is one of the official languages of the Philippines and is a mandatory subject in all schools.

Top Courses in Aviation Management in Philippines 2017

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Ground Staff Training Course

Skyworld Aviation Group
Campus Full time 30 days November 2017 Philippines Manila

Gain management and operational knowledge about efficient ground operations for airlines and ground service providers. [+]

Best Course Studies in Aviation Management in Philippines 2017. Gain management and operational knowledge about efficient ground operations for airlines and ground service providers. Training Form - Ground staff Training Duration -30 days after completion of Training Applicants will be provided with completion certificate . Job Contract will resume after completion of training for 3 years contract. Skills Required: Good communication skills. Should be Energetic, Strategic & Analytical, Pleasing Personality. High school or relevant Graduate. Duration of Training: 30 days, Job Contract: 3 years, Job Contract & Training Programme Location-Philippines, Cebu. Package cost of 30 days Programme is 4000$ including Accommodation, Transportation, Visa DFA, One way Return Ticket. [-]

Type Rating A320, Line Training & Job Contract

Skyworld Aviation Group
Campus Full time 300 hours November 2017 Philippines Manila

This rating enables you to fly in weather conditions that a pilot holding just a PPL cannot. [+]

We are Offering On Job Training programme with Salary to Applicants who get Graduate from our Academy to Build up there hours and Experience.Skyworld Aviation Group offer Applicants with 3 (Two) years Extendable Job Contract in our Charter & Cargo Flights, to gain experience and build Flight Time . Salary (2500 USD)/month and Accommodation will be Provided . Package Cost of Standard Integrated Flight Training Program including Accommodation, Transportation, Visa Permits, One-way return Ticket is 45,000 USD (Forty Five Thousand US Dollars). Enrollment Fees is 5400 USD (Five Thousand four Hundred US DOLLARS). Includes VISA LETTERS FEES FOR Working Permit 9G. We have Two Installments for Payment of Fees. Airbus A320 Type Rating Course (Includes:Theoretical Knowledge Programe-52 hours Simulator Training Aircraft Base Training) All Manuals and Checklists with access to our online training website. Online or Ipad Computer Based Training (CBT) and examinations: Multi Crew Cooperation - MCC 32 hours Crew Resource Management - CRM 5days Jet Orientation Training - JOT 16 hours Airbus A320 Type Rating - TR 36 hours Line Oriented Flight Training -LOFT 4 hours .Airbus A320 Theoretical knowledge Instruction - TKI CBT 10 Days VPT 40 hours 16 hours Full Flight Simulator with/without motion (4days) Aircraft Base Training to Include 6 take-offs and Landings Ground Training in this package consists of both classroom instruction and computer based training. All the very latest technology is used to refine your skills including a new Airbus Virtual Procedures Trainer. The Training Phase in the A320 FOT Training is as follows: Phase Equipment Hours Computer Based Training CBT 48 Human Performance and Weight and Balance Training Classroom 24 A320 Integrated Procedure Training VPT 40 Crew Resource Management/Jet familiarization Classroom 30 Jet Orientation Training Fixed based 16 Multi-Crew Cooperation Fixed Based 16 Full Flight Simulator Full Flight 28 Line Oriented Flight Training Full Flight 4 Zero Flight Time Training Full Flight 4 Skill Test Full Flight 2 LINE TRAINING DETAILS (300 hours): We are able to arrange Line Training to enable our students to get those vital "HOURS ON TYPE" Line Training is currently available in our Collaborated partner companies in Thailand/Malaysia. All of the Package include the following : Licence endorsement if required by a local state, Operator conversion course, usually being 5 to 15 days of ground school and ID passes. Line Training Programme consist of 300 hours. After every 100 hours, applicants have to give SIM CHECK. After Completing 200 hours Applicants will have to go Through SIM CHECK for Purpose of Getting Release for JOB CONTRACT. In Case, if Applicant Fail SIM CHECK, we give Applicants two (2) more SIM CHECKS from our side to get Pass. As Applicants get Release after 200 hours for JOB CONTRACT, they still have to finish their 300 hours on LINE TRAINING. Applicants will be flying as TFO. Additional Information about Contract will be sent to Applicants once they enrolled for PROGRAME. Cost of Type Rating A320 is 20,500$ (Promo Price 16,400 USD) The cost of Line Training 300 hours is 45,000$ (Promo Price 31,000 USD). This above Promo Price announced which will be valid and in effect for a limited period of time from 25th April to July 14, 2016. Enrollment Fees will be deducted from Type Rating cost Enrollment Fees is 2000$ Accommodation, Transportation is provided by us. [-]