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A course is a path of study that is generally available to high school or college graduates. Courses allow students to gain hands-on experience and skills in the field of their choice.

Forest sciences is one of many fields that offers courses. What is a course in Forest Sciences? This path of study is focused on the study of trees and forest ecosystems. As such, these courses involve a fair amount of scientific learning and student research. Coursework often includes assignments in biotechnology, ecology, plant biology and environmental science. Each program has a slightly different focal point, but many students are given the opportunity to conduct individual or group research projects in local forests. Students who graduate from the program are often awarded a diploma or certificate.

The main advantage to completing a course in Forest Sciences is the immediate applicability of the learning. With environmental concerns such a hot-button issue in recent years, it pays to have a firm understanding of these concepts. In this way, these courses make for better informed, critically thinking students.

There are a number of forest science programs around the world, and they all tend to have different tuition and registration fees. For information on the cost of an individual course, contact the school's admissions office directly.

There are many rewarding careers that can grow from a course in Forest Sciences. This is a field that is growing every day, and many industries and businesses seek bright minds to fill scientific positions within their ranks. Graduates of these programs often seek higher education in the field so as to further hone their interest and specialize their skill set. Once their path of study is complete, these students can pursue successful careers as ecologists, biologists and environmental scientists. They can also put their extensive knowledge of forest ecosystems to use in biotechnology and environmental advocacy.

Forest sciences is a field of study that offers many opportunities. If you are interested in enrolling in a course in Forest Sciences, the best way to begin the process is to use our searchable database to find courses that will help you meet your personal and professional goals. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Forest Technology

Lurleen B Wallace Community College
Campus Full time September 2017 USA Andalusia

The Forest Technology program trains students for the position of forest technician. The technician is an employee who works under the direction of a professional (BS degree) forester and will undertake the fieldwork that is necessary to manage the forest. [+]

Best Course Studies in Forest Sciences 2016/2017. Forest Technology The Forest Technology program trains students for the position of forest technician. The technician is an employee who works under the direction of a professional (BS degree) forester and will undertake the fieldwork that is necessary to manage the forest. A career as a forest technician involves a variety of challenging jobs including timber inventory, procurement, maintenance of forest roads, forest management, forest stand improvement, fire and pest control, soil and water conservation, wildlife management, harvest planning, logging, cartography, and surveying. Technicians work outside in all kinds of weather and have to do some office work. Like most professions, forestry is a high technology field with portable data collectors, geographic information systems (GIS), computer analysis of harvesting strategies, and decision-making models for forest management. The Forest Technology curriculum emphasizes the development of practical field skills. Students often have the opportunity to participate in forestry field operations such as control burning, stand description, running land lines, and development of forest management plans. The curriculum emphasizes forestry practices that are common and accepted in the Southeast. The training is sufficiently broad to assure the graduate of competing successfully for jobs throughout the United States. The cost of attending LBWCC is comparatively low. Financial aid is available along with a limited number of LBWCC Foundation scholarships. Forestry scholarship applications are available through the Forestry Department and must be submitted yearly by March 1. Topics Introduction to Forestry Dendrology Timber Harvesting Forestry Mathematics Cartography Microcomputer Applications Silviculture Forest Entomology/Pathology Forest Fire Control/Use Forest Mensuration Forestry Research/Management Forest Management Practices Advanced Forest Mensuration Job Opportunities Qualifies women and men for a wide range of jobs in the out-of-doors, principally at the middle-management level. A forest technician must be able to work alone, to make decisions, and to supervise small crews in the field. [-]