Course in Innovation and Sustainability in Aquaculture

University Centre of the Westfjords

Program Description

Course in Innovation and Sustainability in Aquaculture

University Centre of the Westfjords

(4 ECTS)

This course focuses on the interactions that take place between aquaculture and the environment by looking into the principles and concepts relevant to the ecology of aquaculture. Different aquaculture systems and production methods will be examined. The major theme will be environmental aspects of aquaculture, such as feed-stuff problems, alternative fish feed ingredients and IMTA approaches.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • understand different aquaculture systems, production methods, breeding programs, as well as the common constrains involved in farming fish at different levels;
  • describe the components and processes of aquaculture systems that interact with the environment;
  • outline main regulations and typical environmental monitoring schemes


[Based on assessment for 2013-14]

1) Class Participation: Students will receive an assessment of their participation in classroom by asking questions, engaging in discussions and stimulating debates.

Purpose: To show engagement in the course and demonstrate the ability to clearly articulate thoughts and observations on themes covered in the course.

2) Presentation of aquaculture species: Students will be required to present the biology and aquaculture methods of one species. This will require reading and a powerpoint presentation of approx. 10 Min. plus approx . 5 min of questions in front of the class.

Purpose: To encourage the student to present results, and to stay engaged in the course.

3) Paper presentation: Each student will read a scientific paper on relevant topics of the course, followed by an open discussion. This activity will require reading and understanding the content of the paper and will practice the ability to judge the quality and significance of the paper.

Purpose: To practice students presentation abilities and to encourage the students to immerse themselves in scientific approaches.

4) Role play game: In the context of public perception of aquaculture and decision making in the political and administrative context we will do a role play game on starting an aquaculture facility.

Purpose: To involve the students in aspects regarding the role of aquaculture in the context of coastal zone management and environmental considerations.

5) Final Exam: An individual interview with the course participants will be performed. Key aspects from different topics will be discussed.

Purpose: To evaluate the learning success of the students.

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Start date
Feb. 2017
2 weeks
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Iceland Westfjords
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